There are many things to consider when creating a website, including web hosting and web design. It may not be the most important thing on your list to buy an SSL certificate. It is a must that you have your SSL certificate before your site launches. You could find yourself in dangerous security territory and your site may not be accessible to all users.

Continue reading to learn why.

What is an SSL Certificate?

It is important to understand what SSL does before you can appreciate their importance. SSL stands for secure sockets layer and is a digital certificate that encrypts the website connection once it’s installed on your server. Your website will be secured when someone visits it through their web browser. It will scramble data sent over it, making it virtually unreadable to prying eyes. It will be only readable by the validated users at each end.

One indicator that a site has SSL security is the HTTPS prefix in its web address bar. This is the secure version HTTP, which is the protocol that allows websites to work. Secure is indicated by the “S” at its end. Many people are familiar with the padlock symbol as an indicator.

SSL has been around since the beginning of time. Until a few years ago, it was considered a nice-to have but not a necessity for websites. Things have changed.


Many tech industry titans have been advocating HTTPS for a long time. Although a web extension has been available for this purpose for 10 years, Google was the one to really get SSL mainstream adoption. In 2014, SSL was made an SEO ranking factor. All major web browsers are now onboard. You’ve probably noticed that browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome warn you when you visit a site that doesn’t offer SSL. These warnings are not subtle. They usually come with a large red screen and text warning that the site isn’t secure and asking if you would like to continue. Most people won’t want to go.

If you expect people to visit your website, then you should be able to accept the expectation that SSL will be installed on your site.


Although an SSL may seem like an unnecessary hassle, it is now a necessity. Secure your website today and keep your customers happy.