Independent developers have a wide range of technologies at their disposal, and some use them for good. There are many titles beyond Hello Kitty Big City Dreams and Dora the Explorer Puppy. Some deliveries mix controversial topics with banal ones. One such case was SEX/HITLER.

Steam, the most popular video game distribution platform for PC, had SEX with HITLER available for several days. Valve quickly realized this and reduced its availability. However, many users had already paid 5.69 euros for the title in order to have access to its capabilities.

The main menu of SEX with HITLER.

SEX with HITLER is a video game that’s not as it seems

SEX WITH HITLER. Yes, it does sound. In this video game, however, we can’t fall in love with the Austrian dictator and military man. In the various screens of the game, Adolf Hitler is portrayed. The gameplay is based on an isometric view shooterwith a constant Zenith plane.

The uniform will be so clean that the German dictator will not move between shots. He will converse amicably through mugshots with the various protagonists of the visual narrative. HITLER’s interlocutors in SEX will be waifu, which is essentially a woman with overly-emphasized features who is trying to gain quick male acceptance.

These women will address Adolf als Fuhrer and will wear most current clothing depending on when they leave. After a series of conversations about broad topics, we will be back in action with our weapons. Each of us will have our own life bar, and the number in the magazine will be displayed on the screen at any time.