While running your business website, you need to handle numerous aspects such as data security, budget, reliability, performance issues, speed, SEO ranking, and many other things. Most of the aspects can be managed well by getting the robust and right web hosting server for your website. If you aim to obtain a considerable amount of traffic on your website and attain business profitability at a good pace, a Singapore dedicated server is your ideal choice. 

Dedicated server hosting brings several powerful privileges and benefits that help eliminate all the restrictions and constraints you can encounter with other web hosting solutions. This also makes a Dedicated Server Singapore much more pricey than other web hosting servers. Thus, there are times when many web business owners do not opt for the dedicated server hosting plan due to budget constraints. 

In this article, you will acquire insights into one such leading and reliable web host that provides the best dedicated server at the most affordable pricing – Serverwala data center. Before giving you further details about the Serverwala dedicated server hosting, let’s first comprehend how the dedicated server accommodates your business website. 

Explanation of Dedicated Server in Singapore

The dedicated server Singapore is meant to meet all the necessities of a single user. It functions solely for your web business and enables you to have all its space and web resources for hosting your business website. 

Unlike shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting does not make you share the server resources or space with other websites or users unless you want. You acquire complete authority over your dedicated server and can operate it as required by your online business. 

Here are some of the crucial privileges you obtain with the dedicated server Singapore –

  • You can obtain the root access control of your server. This lets you customize, configure, manage, and handle your server as your online business demands.
  • Your business website gets the accessibility to dedicated resources, a unique IP address, and an isolated web hosting environment. 
  • The dedicated server also lets you scale up and down your dedicated resources as and when required based on the amount of web traffic and storage. 
  • Your website also becomes capable of attaining maximum uptime, high-level data security, and the highest network connectivity.
  • All the above privileges along with the fastest speed performance make your website rank higher on the search engines. 

Features That Comes With Serverwala Dedicated Server Singapore

Dedicated Server Singapore

As mentioned in the beginning, Serverwala data center is the web host you can completely lean on for obtaining the best Singapore dedicated server at the most affordable costs. The data center is well recognized for consistently retaining and, simultaneously, raising the standards of web hosting services worldwide. 

It further provides the support of enterprise-grade hardware, top tier equipment and secure network channels for boosting your website’s performance at every stage. Also, the Serverwala best dedicated server Singapore is backed with resilient and modern technologies. Check out below some of its excellent features that you acquire – 

Hardware RAID

With the dedicated server, your website acquires the support for Hardware (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) RAID. Serverwala lets you purchase the support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 at feasible extra pricing.

Premium Bandwidth

Serverwala data center ensures to deliver the fastest network and enables your website to have the premium bandwidth experience of up to 1 GBPS with the cheap dedicated server Singapore. 

Private VLAN Subnets

With the dedicated server hosting plan, you also get the support of 10GBPS virtual LAN subnets from your web host. This provides you with the opportunity to build private server clusters for your online business. 

Service Level Agreement

You get a service level agreement with all the web hosting plans of a dedicated server from Serverwala data center. The service level agreement guarantees you at least 99.90% uptime and high-tech network flexibility for your website. 

Advanced Data Security Measures

Along with the standard security features, your website gets the advanced security measures incorporating DDoS protection, data encryption, SSL certificate, malware scan, antivirus software, and many more with the dedicated server Singapore. 

Why choose a Dedicated Server in Singapore?

Here are some of the significant reasons for you to consider switching to the dedicated server – 

  • To intensify the performance of your website
  • For facilitate your website deliver the fastest web page loading speed
  • Assure the full protection of your website data
  • Host resource-intensive applications
  • Get host more than one website for your web business
  • Make the complete control over your dedicated server in order to make customizations and configurations easily as and when needed
  • To attain the high freedom when it comes to hosting a website 
  • Enable your website to have an access to highly available dedicated resources 


Serverwala dedicated server in Singapore serves as the perfect and most affordable web hosting solution to advance your online business. The Data Center Services provides 24/7 customer and technical support via a highly proficient expert team. Also with all the plans and packages of the dedicated server hosting. The team remains available round-the-clock over various communication mediums to provide you with the required assistance and best solutions.