A septic tank is a relatively simple design that collects waste and cleans it and transfers some of the liquid to the ground, for which unique filtering material is supplied to the system. In most septic tanks, the cleaning process is caused by particular microorganisms that use household waste for life. After processing, the streams are separated into the water, which discharges into the soil, and into dry fractions, the amount of which is minimal but occupies some of the interiors of the septic tank. These residues need to be removed periodically.

Clean the septic tank?

In this context, the local drainage system works autonomously; you need to understand the need for regular maintenance. If the septic tank is complete, the wastewater will start flowing out, causing discomfort to the residents and damaging the environment. Our park city plumbing company is best from any other area. If you do not want to clean it too often, you can use organic products that are qualitatively biodegradable and recyclable. It still needs to be pumped, but the septic tank will not lose productivity, and the number of drains will be reduced, making trash cans less likely to be called.

How to clean a septic tank:


  • Cesspool truck call. This method is considered more convenient and accurate since professionals use high-quality equipment and recyclable waste, so the pet owner does not have to think about how to clean the septic tank himself.
  • Do the septic tank pumping yourself. To implement this method, fecal pumps are ideally suited, capable of working with reasonably solid waste particles.

Each method has its characteristics, so they need to be considered in more detail.

Septic tank pumping

  1. Cesspool machine equipped with vacuum pump. In this case, the pumped waste will fall into the tank fitted in the specialized vehicle. As a rule, the volume of the tank is sufficient to pump the septic tank entirely into a single pump;
  • The emptiness inside the sewer. Also is a modern design specifically designed to work with autonomous sewerage systems. These devices can pump waste and destroy solid fractions of waste, so the efficiency of sludge pumps is very high. Local plumbers in park city, Utah, can also provide better services. The advantage of sludge pumps is the possibility of pumping the septic tank from a distance of 40 cm, so you do not have to provide access to the hatch. Also, the drainage system can flush the drainage system with the flow of water supplied under pressure. After pumping and flushing, you can forget about septic tank problems before the next cleaning.

After the signing of an agreement on the provision of services, it is necessary to prepare the passage in the car pit and wait for the workers. Don’t forget that a characteristic odor usually accompanies pumping, so it will be challenging to search the site.

Clean the septic tank yourself

Before cleaning the septic tank, you need to prepare well: take a pump, take a long hose, and find the sealed container suitable for pumped flow.

  • Direct pumping of the drain;
  • Flushing tanks and pipelines with clean water;
  • Fill the septic tank with water (use an organic product).


This article provides you with the necessary information on cleaning a septic tank. Periodic cleaning of the septic tank is a requirement, but if you do not neglect it, the design will work properly, ensuring reliable collection and recycling of wastewater.