There is a high degree of competition in the business world. Those who live in a ruthless business climate are aware of its atrocities. The struggle to win and retain customers is constant and never-ending for every business. Support and service are two of the most important key areas that are often overlooked.

It is vital for businesses to go out of their way to add value to the equation in order to win more customers and retail the old. Customers tend to build strong relationships with businesses that are diligent about customer interaction. Trust is built between you and your customers, and trust comes from protecting their privacy. One way of ensuring customer contact details are secure and their true identity will never be revealed is by using call masking.

A call masking feature enables two parties to communicate without disclosing their personal phone numbers. Real-world scenarios often result in the receiver of the call seeing a masked number when a customer calls the company. Consequently, the receiver never learns the customer’s personal information. 

With call masking, customers can communicate with business executives without revealing their personal information.

Here are some of the benefits of call masking: 

Safety of customer data:

Business executives and third-party vendors take security risks by providing personal phone numbers to customers. Neither the agents nor the company can guarantee that the number will not be misused or shared further.

Business loss:

The service provider might offer an extra discount to entice the customer to contact them directly in the future for future services. Sometimes, the customer can even initiate this in the hopes of getting extra services done for a lower fee. You can use call masking if you don’t want to lose future orders.

Customer harassment:

Everywhere there is news of customers being harassed by company agents, cab drivers, or even delivery boys.  Even though companies cannot prevent this, they can take proactive steps to protect their customers by hiding their real phone numbers.Even though companies cannot prevent this, they can take proactive steps to protect their customers by hiding their real phone numbers.

Legal issues:

The company can face legal issues if the executives or vendors share or misuse customer call data – if the company does not handle sensitive customer information correctly. In addition, this also tarnishes the brand’s image. A call masking facility can easily prevent such incidents.

How can call masking benefit your business?

There are several advantages to number masking for businesses. Here are the most important of them.

Ensuring safe and enhanced business communication

Call masking provides anonymity to both parties as well as creating a secure environment. Through call masking, businesses can be assured that their calls are specially verified for legal use and that their data is protected.

Masked phone numbers and call tracking

By tracking, tracking and analyzing all conversations, you can gain valuable insights into your customers. By allowing customers to share their experiences and service quality, you can gain an understanding of customer feedback, identify pain points for your product or service, and identify improvement areas.

Secure exchanges with in-platform transactions

Through number masking, stakeholders can communicate only through your business platform, avoiding any exchange of personal information, eliminating the opportunity to engage in personal transactions. By doing so, you keep all your business transactions entirely secure and within your platform, which increases the overall security of monetary transactions. All payments are handled within your platform, so you don’t need to worry about revenue leakage.

Superior customer experience

In many of our blog posts, we have discussed the importance of customer experience if you want to benefit from word of mouth recommendations, repeat business or convert leads to customers.

Gain customer loyalty and grow

Businesses that deliver comfort, assurance, and security tend to be rewarded by customers. They value privacy and anonymity in their personal lives and do not want their private phone number to be exposed to unknown representatives.

Get started with call masking

Make your customers feel secure and gain their trust by securing the data you keep. Mask all calls with random virtual numbers to protect their privacy and your business interests. Ensure that your company employs the latest communications and security technology with Knowlarity’s Call Masking service.