A new world of innovation and competition has been created over the past few years. Companies that are more commonly associated with Windows PC hardware and peripherals such as Lenovo, Razer and Asus are in the background, sowning the seeds of a new era in the latest smartphone design. They’ve been overseeing the development and creation of a revolutionary gaming-focused smartphone.

These devices integrate top specifications into hardware that was built from scratch to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience that you can get on mobile operating systems. They’ve been optimized to deliver a gaming experience that will bring out the best of every gaming experience whether it’s a game of roulette online, as well as Clash of Clans as well as games that require a lot of resources such as Genshin Impact. This is due to the fact that they come with a variety of unique features that are not available on the market for smartphones like high-resolution screens with internal cooling fans as well as other shoulder buttons.

There is a lot of speculation after the release of a number of intriguing patents, experts suggest that Samsung is getting ready to get in on the market.

“Winds of Change”

The two patents filed of concern are trademarks that refer to two slogans “Unleash Your Fan’s Power” as well as “Activate the Fan Mode”. At first glance , you could be wondering what connection could be drawn from these slogans regarding how Samsung’s plans for gaming hardware work.

A quick look at the most popular devices in the segment, including Lenovo’s Lenovo Legion Duel as well as the Nubia Redmagic 6 Pro, point at a key hardware feature similarity. They all have cool fans inside, which is not seen elsewhere in the market for smartphones. Actually, this is considered to be an essential part of the design of gaming phones that Lenovo Duel 2 manages to fit two of them inside its chassis. There are a handful of gaming phones that do not have internal fans, for instance Asus ROG Phone 5, still ship with an externally movable cooling fan.

Cool Runnings

The reason that cooling is important for gaming phones is because of the limitations inherent to design for smartphones. Contrary to larger computersthat are able to move large quantities of air into their interiors to aid heat dispersion, smartphones were designed to be as compact and light as they can be. This has the disadvantage of being inefficient thermally and, as smartphones become more powerful, the problem is further exacerbated.

When playing the most demanding smartphone games, the tiny devices are placed at risk of danger of being throttled by thermal. To mitigate this, internal fans and also specially designed thermally efficient material are used to combat the problem. It is because of this that it is possible to believe that promotional materials that refer to “fans” that are coming from Samsung could indicate a possible gaming phone technology.

Jack of All Trades

Another strong indication that Samsung could be planning to enter the market is the fact that they are evident in their absence. Contrary to other conservative companies similar to Apple, Samsung has always embraced a policy of experimentation in their approach to product development. To achieve this they have phones at nearly every price range including the budget A Series models starting at just $30 all the way to flagship models in the ‘S’ Series. Samsung is also among the few manufacturers that have embraced folding phones through the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip phones being in their third generation.

So far to date, none of the main “business” smartphone makers (save Xiaomi with their Blackshark phones) have expressed any interest in creating gaming phones. However, the fact that Asus’ ROG Phone on its 5th generation as well as Nubia Redmagic on its 6th generation, Nubia Redmagic on it’s 6th it’s becoming apparent to larger tech companies that, even though these phones can only have an appealing niche but they’re more than just a passing novelty. Additionally, they are making headlines and boast specs that beat all but the strongest Samsung phone models.

Prior to their appearance on the scene Samsung had been the undisputed “spec-king” within the Android market, and it is reasonable to believe that they might show some desire to claim that title before too long.