Roblox isn’t in need of an introduction as it’s a platform for gaming which offers a variety of games available to gamers. There’s a wide variety of games to keep players entertained, and there are codes that let you get the free coins, gems, and other things. Oen one game which has been becoming more popular since its release has been “Roblox The Anime Dimensions”.


Anime Dimensions could be described as an adventure game that will take players into a completely new world of animation. There is a wide range of animated characters that let players to travel across various countries and let them explore the world. Players have to battle to the death on the trip , making the game extremely thrilling for all who participate.

Players will be able to find their favourite anime characters in this game , such as Dragoon and Ball Z’s Demon Slayer and more. The game takes you through the most adored places that are used in anime, and you will battle to the end.

Roblox Wiki Anime Dimensions

The Roblox Wiki for Anime Dimensions


Roblox anime Dimension isn’t a simple game. This is why players are looking for boost and gems to make it easier. It’s not simple to obtain it, but the code for anime dimensions is easy to gain access to all things for absolutely free. There are a variety of codes available and each one has an expiry date. Therefore, it is important to make use of the code prior to the expiry date.

Below is an inventory of dimension codes for anime that let players earn free gems and boosts that make playing the game more enjoyable:

50KDROPS: This provides you with an additional boost to the speed of your drop to up to 30 minutes.

SOMETHING75K The code is a brand new code that gives you 30 minutes of extra drop boost along with 100 gems.

20KADGIFT: Get 30 mins more boost in your drop time which makes it easier to compete with the best.

TyFOR30K offers 150 gems at no cost to be used for the purchase of goods in the game.

FIRST CODE The code that offers a two-fold boost , and it lasts for 30 minutes.

Launch This code can help in providing a free increase in drop for 30 minutes.

The NOWAY100K game offers 100 gems for free as well as 30 minutes of extra boost to drop, and two times boost for 30 minutes.


If you have codes active, it’s the time for you to use them in the game. To redeem codes for anime dimension, you need to follow the instructions in the following steps:

Launch Game Anime Dimension on your device, then click Twitter. Twitter icon.

Then, type in your code. Make sure that you enter the code in the same manner because codes are case-sensitive.

Click “Go” to access the products for free after inputting the promo code.



Video game Anime Dimensions was developed by Albatross Games, and it was released on June 11, 2021.

How many users are playing Roblox? Anime Dimensions?

The game’s gameplay is so amazing that in the span of a month, there are nearly 50K players who play the game. More than 1 lakh players are playing the game,, proving it is enjoyed by players.


The codes can be activated to players of Anime Dimensions that help players gain free items, such as gems and coins. Furthermore, these codes let players to improve the game they play and gain rewards that enhance the pleasure.


If you’re a fan of Roblox and Roblox Anime dimensions, try these codes to earn bonus gems and boosts that make the game more enjoyable. There are many codes to select from, however ensure that you make use of these codes prior to when they run out. So, you can experience the world of animation with gems and coins that are free using codes.