What aspect of maturity is the most condescending?

Responsibilities and rights Adulthood comes with a plethora of rights and obligations that we owe to others and our community.

When you take on an entrepreneurship enterprise, your rights and obligations become tenfold.

You become somewhat responsible for the behaviour and activities of your employees, customers, colleagues, and the wider community because you are touching a lot more people directly and indirectly.

It can be daunting at times, but nothing worthwhile is easy. Whether you are a large or low cost business setup in Dubai or a small local startup, you must learn to accept responsibility for your actions and the rights that you have as a business owner.

Businesses’ Rights

You have the right as a business owner to make decisions regarding every area of your company on your own. When it comes to running a business, you have complete freedom to choose any management approach or production method as long as you keep within the confines of state and federal legislation. Read More…

There are no legislative or legal restrictions on the amount of funds or effort you can put into the business.
Furthermore, in some situations, you have the right to refuse to supply services to a specific party or consumer.

As a result, the rights of a business can be summarized as follows:

  • Making decisions
  • Changing business strategies
  • Adopting any business strategy you want
  • No capital investment restrictions
  • Right to decline to supply services

Businesses’ Responsibilities

Your company has obligations to its shareholders/co-founders, customers, workers, the government, society, and the environment.

Let’s go over all of these obligations briefly so that you may completely serve and provide for the community around you and become one of the best business setup consultant in Dubai.

Owners, shareholders, and co-founders

These are the individuals or businesses that have put their money and trust in your company when it was merely a concept.

They are entitled to a fair return on their investment as well as a say in the company’s finances and operations.

Shareholders are entitled to expect an increase in the value of their shares as business performance and earnings rise.

Staying loyal to your pledge to the shareholders and paying up on time is one of your major obligations.


Customers are the second most valuable asset for any business, behind shareholders. You must provide your consumers with the promised product/service at competitive rates and of excellent quality.

Dishonesty in the manufacturing process or deceptive advertising only takes you down in the eyes of the consumer, who will not use your services again if you do not treat them with respect and honesty.

You are also responsible for handling consumer complaints and recommendations using a suitable site. Your customer connection should be founded on trust, secrecy, and candid feedback.

Take it upon yourself to use constructive comments to improve your items, and you’ll never have to resort to deception to attract clients.


Employees that are well-qualified, well-trained, and loyal are what make a company competitive in any field. Businesses rely heavily on the productivity and efforts of their employees, whether they like it or not. Businesses are accountable for their employees in the following ways in this regard:

  • All employees have the same opportunities for advancement and raises.
  • Workplace that is both safe and healthy
  • Wages are competitive.
  • Insurance and medical advantages
  • Compensation for occupational injuries


Businesses must follow the government’s legal and safety rules in order to ensure the peace and prosperity of the entire society.

To prevent any difficulty to you or the government, your company should not be involved with any illegal or corrupt acts.
All of your commercial transactions should take place in a legal setting. All of the following should be avoided:

  • illegal manufacturing or trading
  • State or federal law violations
  • Unfair taxation and business audits
  • Unfair commercial practices

Environment and Society

You should add good value to the society around you as a business. By maintaining committed to your business goal, you will be able to create employment possibilities for individuals of all castes, genders, and races, as well as stimulate social and cultural exchanges.

Businesses have a responsibility to not only society but also the environment. Your manufacturing operations should be environmentally sustainable and should not pollute water, air, or soil.