Why it is advisable to change the windows before selling your house

Efficiency and savings are two aspects that any buyer takes into account when purchasing a property. Aspects that can only be guaranteed when there are good enclosures. If you want to obtain a higher return with the sale of your home, now is the time to consider a change of windows.

Renovating windows increases the value of a property

If you are willing to carry out some reforms on your property before putting it up for sale, the first thing you should know is that, to a greater or lesser extent, your investment will always be rewarded. A good coat of paint, a refinish of the floors and doors, a change of curtains or a renovation of the windows are equivalent to an immediate revaluation of the house.

Among the aspects most valued by those who test the real estate market with a view to buying a house, these are the most outstanding:

  • The location of the property.
  • Lighting (natural versus artificial).
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Recent renovations in bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Quality enclosures.
  • The use of home automation and new technologies.

An important part of the budget that is used monthly in the maintenance of a house depends on its energy efficiency. For this reason, quality doors and windows, such as those made of aluminum or PVC carpentry, are something that arouses interest in buyers.

With new home window replacement experts in Deltona FL or renovation systems without carrying out work, this process does not have to involve a high investment in time or money. Our recommendation is that, before putting your home up for sale, you check the condition of the windows.

A house with wooden windows will always have a lower price on the market than a house in which high-performance enclosures have been installed that guarantee optimal thermal and acoustic insulation: PVC carpentry that prevents humidity, condensation, and temperature changes or noise; enclosures that incorporate anti-theft locking systems… These are all factors that the buyer is going to take into account before giving you a yes.

Ask us all your questions and get a budget adapted to what your property needs. Think that every cent you invest in changing the windows of your house before selling it is money that you recover with benefit, thanks to the fact that you are going to sell your property before and at a better price.

Change of windows: an investment that pays off

If you have already decided to replace your old windows with new, more efficient ones, you have to face the change with optimism, although it is convenient to have things clear from the beginning. It is clear that making some of these modifications to the property will allow you to increase its sale price, but you also have to be realistic: a home renovation, however successful it may be, will never double its price in the real estate market.

Each case has its particularities, but in general, it is estimated that the price of property subjected to basic rehabilitation increases by up to 10% more than the value of the work. This percentage rises to 17% in the case of a comprehensive reform that includes carpentry, electricity, or plumbing issues. In any case, these are estimates that are always favorable for both the homeowner and its future buyer.

What is home staging and how can it help you sell

Home staging is the preparation of a property for its release on the real estate market. The main difference between decoration and so-called home staging is that the latter has a much better defined aesthetic objective: to please future owners.

This technique consists of preparing the property so that as many people as possible like it. It is actually based on statistics and takes into account that the greater the number of people interested in housing, the greater the chances of finding a purchase offer that meets your expectations.

Advantages of home staging in the sale of a property

All the material already available is used to the maximum to avoid making a large investment. In this aspect, the reform and recycling have more weight than the purchase of new elements.

We try to minimize the use of furniture and decorative objects. Although you want to make a good impression, you should not lose sight of the fact that the main objective is to sell the property, not it’s content.

Small details are highly valued. At first glance, the potential buyer should be able to get an idea of ​​how wonderful it would be to live in a house like the one you are offering.

Personal items such as photographs are removed. You are selling a home, not your home but that of future tenants.

Always looking for the middle ground. Neutral colors, nature, good lighting, and few distractions (including technological equipment and appliances that are too flashy).

The architecture of the building itself is used to generate a good impression. This is where it is so interesting to have fine-tuned your windows and enclosures. They are elements that are included in the concept of housing that the buyer makes.

In the sale of a property, two aspects come into play: the objective characteristics of the property such as its location, the state of the facilities or the level of energy efficiency, and the psychological aspect that encompasses everything that you can work on through home staging techniques. Correct use of these two resources allows you to increase your sales value and obtain greater profits in this operation.