If you organize events regularly or take part in the events so should have known the value of the audiovisual equipment in the event. Without audiovisual equipment, nobody can organize any single event. Audiovisual products are an essential part of any event and you need them in every kind of event. No matter how small the event is and also it does not matter how big the event is.

The nature of every event is different so the requirements of the audiovisual equipment are different from others. Suppose you are organizing an event that is based on a presentation or a product launch. So you need the projector with high resolution so your guests or the audience can get the message you want them to convey. Also, see that clearly what you want to show them.

And everyone can’t understand every piece of equipment that is required. So for this purpose production companies give you the full support so you can understand what equipment you need for your event. Also, you can take any kind of equipment for rent.

Suppose you need a projector on rent and you are living in London so you can search on google. So you can get the best option from where you can take the projector on rent.

Why get a projector on rent when you can buy it?

Well, the answer is very simple, when you organize events regularly you should have known this. That the nature of every event is different from one another. In some events, you do not even need the projector and in some events, the main equipment is a projector.

Also, if the event is in the daytime the settings and resolution etc of the projector will be different. Then the event of the nighttime. So if you purchase a projector on your own you can not use it at every event. The best option is to take a projector on the rent because it will give you so many benefits.

If you take a projector on rent you can acquire any projector you want with any resolution and any type. Also, you do not have to take care of it and you have to look after the maintenance of it. And the production company will give you the professional team which will take care of the installation and other things during the event.

If you want to take the projector on rent and also you live in London. You can search for it on google rent a projector London.

What are the other things that production companies offer?

Big production companies have the experience of many years of organizing events. They offer their expertise in the shape of services such as,

  1. Event production services
  2. Audio hire
  3. Visual hire
  4. Lighting hire
  5. Plasma screen hire
  6. LED screen hire
  7. LED video wall
  8. Set and staging
  9. Projector hire

They offer all these things so you do not have to go to a different place to hire different equipment. Besides these companies can organize the whole event for you with their professional team. They can organize different types of events for you such as,

  1. Conferences
  2. Award ceremonies
  3. Press conferences
  4. Annual gathering meeting
  5. Seminars
  6. Fashion shows
  7. Exhibitions
  8. Breakfast meetings
  9. Fundraisers
  10. Product launches
  11. Concerts

They can organize any kind of event no matter if the event is an outdoor or indoor event.

Do rental companies have all types of the projector?

Yes! These companies do business by giving every type of equipment related to an event, the rent. So they have all the equipment that is available in the market. You just have to know about the requirement you want. But some famous projectors can make your event delightful.

Optoma EH505 HD Projector:

This projector uses the latest technology which gave it an advantage over other projectors. The resolution this projector offers is WUXGA 1920*1200. It uses the lamp 370W UHP which gives the lamp life of 1500 hours and 3500 with the use of the ecosystem. 

Also, the image it can show is 30”-300” diagonal with the lens shift of 10% horizontal and -15% to +55% verticle. If you want to hire this projector you can search rent a projector London.

Optoma EH7700 HD Projector:

This projector is special for large venues with a resolution of WUXGA 1920*1200. This projector is lamp-based and it is capable of displaying 7000 lumens at its brightest setting. 350W P-VIP bulb x 2 is the lamp type that is used in this projector with a life of 2000 hours and 5000 hours with the ecosystem.

Many more. These companies maintain the equipment with high maintenance so they can equipment many times without any problem. If you want to hire the best company around you, you can give a visit to the AV production company