Statistics from Statista show that 78% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, so QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in marketing. It would seem sensible for companies to invest more time and money into using these types of codes in their advertising campaigns as this number is constantly increasing.

QR codes provide businesses with increased customer engagement, easier access to information by customers, and higher conversions. If you incorporate these types of advertising into your campaign, you will have an advantage over your competitors.

How Can QR Codes Be Used for Marketing?

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A QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode that stands for ‘Quick Response Code’. QR codes can be scanned with a smartphone device in photo mode or with an app that reads QR codes.

The QR code must be pointed at with your smartphone to access its content. Frequently today QR codes are used to link a product or flyer to a URL to give it a digital dimension. Because they can be edited and sized, they are ideal for establishing identity, are cost-effective, safe, and fairly easy to use today. WiFi access cards, product packaging, advertisements, business cards, and discounts can all be made with these cards. You should create a QR code flyer and share it on your social media and other place.

Sharon Von Donkelaar, chief marketing officer at Expandi, an Eindhoven-based company, says the user benefit is crucial when incorporating a QR Code into your campaign. QR codes need to be delivered in a way that immediately satisfies the end-user for effective use in marketing. As Donkelaar continues, “A mobile coupon code should provide a user with something they require at that moment or that they can save for later use. Direct users to scarce information, coupon discounts, or to carry out an action that otherwise would not be possible without a mobile phone.”

QR Code Marketing Best Practices

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As with any marketing channel, QR codes should add value. As few clicks as possible should be required to reach the source of value (promotion, checkout, etc.). It’s powerful in marketing because it removes barriers that stop users from interacting with the content they’re interested in.

For your QR strategy to be successful, make sure your data management system captures interactions with QR codes, so you can personalize the customer’s journey across all channels.

When planning a QR-based marketing strategy, follow these best practices:

• The QR code should be a decent size so that it can be easily scanned
• The QR code should be placed in every relevant and convenient place
• Add additional information beneath the QR code
• Offer a method for people to access the information on the QR code

How Can Marketers Use QR Codes in Their Strategies?

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With QR codes, you can follow and nurture customers throughout their entire journey. For marketers, QR codes allow them to create and integrate short branded links, generate QR codes from them, and place them virtually anywhere. They can place QR codes on print media, billboards, storefronts, stickers, t-shirts – you name it. They can track their links to see how customers move from offline to online,” said Toby Gabriner, CEO of New York City-based Bitly.

Furthermore, QR codes can be used to drive app-based opt-in interactions as described above, which offers a host of analytic opportunities and touchpoint signals that can be captured and used to deliver a longtail digital storyline responsibly to the user. “Besides placing QR codes on things like restaurant menus, store information, product information, directions, etc., the “second-screen” revolution is seeing QR codes appearing on TV screens because brands know that every household is also using their smartphone or tablet while watching TV,” said Brent Ramos, director of product at Denver-based Adswerve..

The opportunity for marketers here is to use QR engagement to reinforce brand recognition or tie CTV impressions to second-screen conversions. Thus, offer incentive-based promotions to entice your customers to scan QR codes. For example, offer your customers who engage with your social media accounts a small discount on their next order. Doing so can increase your online presence and improve customer retention.

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