Since the founding of Pro Sports Extra the website has continued to show tremendous growth and the content continues to get better and better. 

What is Pro Sports Extra?

Pro Sports Extra is a sports and entertainment network where you can get all your latest news with a slight twist. Headlines are huge and PSE is the headline company. 

Who founded Pro Sports Extra?

Pro Sports Extra was founded in 2011 by Trevor Uren. Uren at the time of creating the website was only 13 years old. At the age of 12 he started another website MNNN Sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NBA) and decided a year later to change the name. 

Since then Trevor Uren has grown PSE to over 40,000,000 viewers and having rapid growth. But this wouldn’t be possible without the team that he has build over the years. 

Recent PSE News:

Recently PSE bought the Twitter account @NFLGameLeaks which was featured all over the news for tricking NFL fans into believing their favorite teams would be playing against teams they actually weren’t. The account passed 10,000 followers in just a handful of days and since then PSE has used the account to share NFL memes, news, lists, and opinions. 

“I noticed the traction the page was getting right away and knew I wanted it. I couldn’t believe the amount of people the page tricked, including myself. When someone tricks you as good as this account did, it gains my interest. Especially when it’s filled with avid NFL fans. There is no better way to share our PSE content than the fans of the NFL.” – Trevor Uren, Founder of ProSportsExtra


Pro Sports Extra has actually been looking to hire bloggers and content creators for their website along with YouTube. If you have any interest in talking about your favorite topics and getting paid for it, now is your chance! Click here! 

Future of PSE

With Trevor starting the network at such a young age time isn’t the biggest factor but getting to the next level as quick as possible is a goal. And that includes on social media not only our website. We are looking to expand everywhere as quick as possible.

“We’ve shown what we can do. We’ve gained millions of viewers, we’ve been verified on social media platforms, and we aren’t stopping. Have we had UPS and DOWNS? Of course we have. Just like any business. But I promise you that we will come back better than ever. And always will. As long as I’m alive, I’ll be building this website the best I can. Bringing in as many viewers as I can. 

Social Media:

You can follow PSE on all social media platforms @PROSPORTSEXTRA – Feel free to click the links to be directed. 

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