Private security for events is essential for any party or event. When you host a private party, the safety of your guests should be your number one priority. Private parties come with their own unique security concerns. Professional security service companies, such as off-duty officers, can partner with your event producer to ensure all potential risks have been addressed. We can provide highly trained, professional and discreet private security personnel who are expressly qualified to handle any threat you may face.

No matter the size of the event, Off Duty Officers have the security professionals you need to ensure your event is safe, successful and fun. We have protected events ranging in size from hundreds to thousands of attendees, in venues large and small. Our track record shows that we are equipped to handle any security threat that may arise with competence and efficiency, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Private Event Security Guards with Off Duty Officers have partnered with businesses, organizations, and individuals to provide security at events including:

  • after parties
  • Award shows
  • grand openings
  • Film premieres or creative art
  • Fundraising and charity events
  • Black tie affairs and finery
  • appreciation events
  • Celebrity or political appearances
  • White
  • VIP parties
  • College or university events
  • Sports events
  • Concerts and festivals

Private Party Threats We Can Prevent

Each private party is unique and presents specific security concerns that must be addressed by an experienced and professional security company. Off Duty Officers have been providing private party security personnel for over 25 years, so we know what to look for to keep you and your partygoers safe and having a great time. Through our experience and comprehensive pre-event threat assessments, we can help prevent common threats that could negatively impact your event, your guests and your reputation.

Big crowds and alcohol

It’s no secret that mixing large crowds and alcohol can sometimes result in altercations, rowdy behavior, and even violence. Our guards are specially trained to identify escalating behavior and manage it with a variety of proven verbal and physical techniques. We strive to keep the peace while giving partygoers the space they need to party. However, in the event that the safety of your guests is compromised, our guards will act quickly and effectively.

VIP assistants

High-profile guests expect a certain level of security at private events. These attendees are often harassed by the paparazzi, the media, and obsessive fans. They may also be at higher risk of committing crimes such as theft. Even those guests who are in the public eye deserve to have their privacy protected. Off-duty officers can provide guards who exercise good judgment, sensitivity, and respect for all of their guests and in any situation that may arise.

Party Crashers

You have a guest list for a reason. When unwanted guests infiltrate your private party or event, the risk of a security threat increases exponentially. Party crashers may seem harmless, but it’s impossible to understand their motives. These uninvited guests could be planning to commit any number of crimes, including theft, assault, stalking, vandalism, or worse. Trained security guards from off-duty officers stand firm in their duty to manage access to your group. In the unlikely event that an intruder gains access, our guards have the skills to manage the threat quickly and securely.

Off Duty Officers provide security personnel for private events who may perform services such as:

  • Advanced planning and threat assessments
  • Security sweeps at venues and parking lots
  • Ujieres
  • Traffic and parking control
  • Entry and exit management
  • crowd control
  • Management of intoxicated guests
  • Foot and vehicle patrols
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Enforce site rules and regulations
  • Prevent access to restricted areas
  • Attend the guests
  • Emergency response
  • Response to medical emergencies
  • Liaise with law enforcement

Benefit from the best security in the business

When the security of your private party is important, you need to contact the professional and experienced security services team of Off Duty Officers. Since 1993, we’ve been the nation’s leading provider of the best-trained retired and off-duty military and police officers. Our guards are deployed to private events across the country to provide the highest level of private event security available today. We have a stellar reputation for providing customers with the best service, not only with our security guards, but also with our management team.