You may have heard of suicide and other forms of depression that can lead to the struggle within the body. You would like to learn more about these terrible events. You can read on to find out more.

Individuals from the U. s Canada, Indonesia, and the United States often hear about pranaiya’s struggle and test money. She was suffering from depression but had a goal for her life. The latest Street information is below about Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death and other reasons her husband shared with her.

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Current information about Pranaiya Olapathorn

According to current reports and studies, Praniya is a new mother who has struggled with postpartum depression. Author was her first child. The real reason was postpartum depression in the past 12 months.

Her husband stated that she would make a good mother if she made the decision to work for her son’s best future. Pranaiya Olapathorn Dying, despite the fact that there were major crashes, reveals her experience with panic attacks in various stages. We will learn more from her husband.

Comment from her Husband

Hamish Magoffin, her husband, stated that they would be happy mothers if they were able to care for a child as young as three years old with love and distinction. After the birth phase, tragically, he had to have his wife.

They both suffered from postpartum depression, which was the only reason. She or he could not help but to focus on the positive aspects. In September 2021, he lost his wife and their child shortly after six weeks of labor.

When was Pranaiya Olapathorn dying?

Pranaiya agreed to be 37. It was a new experience for her to have an exceptional child. Their experience with depression during pregnancy led to a rise in suicide attempts and the desire to kill the child. Arthur was born in March 2021. She died in September 2021, along with her son.

What made her want to die?

She was anxious that she wasn’t a good mother, no matter what the circumstances. Arthur was her best friend. She also said that she wants to end her existence in order to adopt.

Why is Pranaiya Olapathorn Dying Trending so Often?

Pranaiya Olapathorn was shocked by her situation. She had made a suicide decision and required the existence of her child. She thought she would be a happy mom at first. But after six weeks, she started to experience delusions and other illnesses throughout her first year of pregnancy. Suicide by depression is a growing trend.


As a conclusion, the mother who witnessed the study at the maternal health alliance observed that within six weeks of her pregnancy, she needed a child to survive and was depressed.

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