High pressure washers are reliable units that can greatly facilitate the cleaning of cars, facades, pools or garden paths. Car owners today often use household appliances that have a wide range of applications and a long service life. Professional equipment is found at specialized car washes.

Like other devices, HP washers can break down. Possible malfunctions of the best car pressure washers with soap are associated with a variety of reasons. In any sink there is a pump, and the causes of breakdowns are conditionally divided into problems with the pump, breakdowns of other components and components. During the operation of the device, the pump is most of all overloaded, there is a powerful pressure on parts of this system. It is very important to monitor how worn out the parts of the pump, as well as the engine, tighten the fasteners if necessary, replace units that have lost their own functions. Consider the most common breakdowns and methods for their solution.

Washer works intermittently

Even if the sink is steep enough, its operation may be disturbed over time. There are troubles with automation that maintains the desired pressure in the unit. When you turn on the gun, the device starts, but then the pump turns off. In fact, the contact group does not work in the pump, but it should turn it off at certain pressure values. Such problems are eliminated exclusively in specialized centers. The reasons are different:

  • Water leaks through the body or hose due to a leak;
  • The filter on the inlet type pipe could become clogged, and the holes on the nozzle were clogged;
  • Check valves have ceased to function fully;
  • Jams the piston rod of the chip shutdown lever;
  • The spring has weakened, so it does not return the lever to the desired position when the pressure drops.

 If the problems are not associated with disassembling the device, then you can solve them yourself. Such simple jobs include: washing filters and nozzles, checking hose attachment. But often these actions do not help and you have to turn to specialists.

Washer stopped building pressure

It often happens that the engine is running, but the water flows out under a little pressure. You can solve the problem yourself if:

  • The water tap is turned off;
  • Valves clogged with debris;
  • There is air in the pump.

You can easily wash the filters yourself. If the situation has not changed, then the spring may have weakened, or the seal rod on the bypass itself may have been damaged.

 Device does not turn off

The device continues to work even when you have made all the manipulations with the gun lever. In this case, you can try to turn off the system using the main switch located on the case.

Contacts on the micro switch could be oxidized, we are talking about a system that automatically maintains the required pressure; in some cases, you can try to clean the contacts by removing the case.