Are you unable to choose the best school for your child after seeing many listings on Play Schools in Jaipur?  Do you want to know only one name that is the best fit for your child? Don’t worry! Here we are sharing information about the Best Play School in Jaipur and the seven benefits and facilities that it provides for your little one.

VSI International School is ranked as one of the top Play Schools in Jaipur. It has been awarded as the ‘Emerging School of the Year’ in the Rajasthan Excellency Awards. It is a co-educational and English medium school.

7 Beneficial Things for Your Child at The Best Play School in Jaipur


This school understands that one of the most important priorities of parents is to ensure their child is surrounded by trusted people and is always in a safe place under someone’s supervision. 

  • It assures that all its teaching and non-teaching staff can be trusted as they do a complete background check before hiring any of them. 
  • A Security Camera System is enabled at the school campus and covers the complete school building’s view. The place is guarded with gatekeepers on the main gates.
  • GPRS are installed on all the school buses, so the location can be tracked whenever needed.

Know more about VSI International School


The classrooms at VSI International School are colorful and painted in different themes. These themes are based on different animation characters that children love. How is this good for your kid? Seeing such characters every day in their classrooms fascinates children, and they will never feel bored. It will make them comfortable and solve the problem of home-sickness, which most kids feel when they join a new place.


Hygienic Environment

You wouldn’t want your child to come home sick from a school; this is why proper cleanliness is mandatory in schools. When a place like a school is unclean and unhygienic, it spreads infection quickly in the children. But VSI International School is one of the Best Play Schools in Jaipur because it is completely hygienic for your child. The teachers here explain to students how to keep their surroundings clean and why it is important. The classrooms, washrooms, and the surroundings are cleaned every day so that no infection spreads to the children. 

Indoor playrooms and outdoor play area

The outdoor playground at VSI International School has swings and slides for children. Many Play Schools in Jaipur have outdoor swings and slides, but not an indoor play area. At VSI International School, you will find beautifully designed indoor playrooms equipped with amazing toys and games. These are not simple toys to keep children engaged, but also there are many mind-developing games like Brainvita, Building Blocks, Puzzles, and much more. This school believes that kids shouldn’t stop playing just because the weather gets too warm or cold.

Indoor playrooms and outdoor play area

Maths Lab

Have you ever heard anything about the concept of Maths Lab before? VSI International School is probably the only Play School in Jaipur that has a special area for Maths. But are you wondering what happens there? Children here get the chance to explore the world of maths. They try to learn the concepts of maths with application-based methods and answers.

Abacus classes are conducted at VSI International School. Once the kids have learned numerals and the basic addition, subtraction, they are also taught Abacus. It helps them solve mathematical problems quickly and accurately.

Maths Lab

Teaching methods

The teaching methods applied at this school are slightly different than other Play Schools in Jaipur. You will find that the teachers here execute the best teaching method for kindergarten children. They don’t merely stick to books for teaching purposes. They use various charts, storytelling methods, games, and other interactive methods. 

Opportunities in Co-Scholastic Activities

The pre-primary students get many opportunities at this Play School in Jaipur through the co-scholastic activities.

Dance, Music, Art & crafts are some of the main activities at VSI International School. These activities help students learn and develop their artistic and creative side. Even the kindergarten kids are given a chance to participate and showcase their talent in cultural and annual events. Small competitions are also organized for the kids at the school. Sports activities are also planned regularly. It is the Best School in Jaipur that provides so many opportunities for children.

Opportunities in Co-Scholastic Activities

Admission Open and Contact Details

To enroll your kid in the Best Play School in Jaipur, see their admission procedure and contact details here.

Admission Procedure followed at VSI International School:

  • Collect the Student Registration Form from the school.
  • Fill and submit the form. 
  • Pay the registration fee. 
  • Submit three passport size photographs and one photocopy of the birth certificate.

Student Registration Forms are also available online, get in touch with the school authorities for getting the online forms. 

To contact VSI International Play School in Jaipur, you can use the information given below:

Phone numbers: 0141-2793080 and 9309305656

Email id: [email protected]

School Address: Sec. 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan