The following article gives you an understanding of the aircraft crash that occurred in China according to the official Plane Crash China Wiki page.

Are you aware of the tragic crash of a plane in China? Do you know the deaths in the accident? Are you aware of what the accident was about and when it took place? If the answer to all the above questions is NO Do give an overview of this article for information.

On the 22nd of March, 2022 people across America United States woke up to the news of tragic events coming from China Most of them consulted for Plane Crash China Wiki on the internet to find more details. Although the majority of the details are given below, you can check out this blog for more.

About the Plane Crash in China

In China on the 21st march 2022, the Boeing 747-89P aircraft, which was a passenger domestic flight was traveling between Kunming towards Guangzhou. This plane operated under the name of China Eastern Airlines. This plane went out of control mid-air , and was thrown down steeply and at high speed to the earth within Teng County, Wuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region. The accident led to the death of 132 individuals and the crew who were aboard.

At present, the investigation into the crash is being halted due to the heavy rainfall which caused debris to be smashed throughout the region. Additionally, according to this wiki’s main page we have additional information.

Plane Crashes China Wiki

The authorities haven’t identified the reason for the accident until now since the investigation team has stated that it’s too early to determine the reason for the incident. According to Chinese officials from the government the aircraft was unable to contact emergency services mid-air.

According to The Chinese media, the plane sank from around 2998 feet (8,869 meters) to 4,375 feet (1,333.5 meters) in less than three minutes according to VariFlight which is a civil aviation data service supplier that is a service provider to China. Chinese government.

According to the official Plane Crashes China Wiki page The crash incident was recorded by a Mining local firm. People living around the crash site were told of hearing blast sounds. The wreckage of the planes were surrounded by fire and wreckage were also discovered.

Latest Plane Safety Accidents involving Boeing 737

In October, Lion Air Flight 610 A Boeing 737 MAX 8, crashed into the Java Sea during its flight in Indonesia. The entire 181 passengers including the crew members, perished.

In March, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 was an Boeing 737 MAX 8, was destroyed close to Bishoftu, Ethiopia. The plane was travelling to Addis Ababa Ethiopia in Ethiopia, and then Nairobi, Kenya. All 157 passengers, including Crew members perished.

Similar to the current accident, according to the official Plane Crash China Wiki page the 132 members of the board passed away.

Is Boeing 737-89P Aircraft Safe?

According to information on Wikipedia the most recent version was the Boeing 737-89P that was distinct in Boeing 737 MAX 8, which is a brand new model and was halted globally after two fatal accident.

According to reports, China has already grounded all Boeing 737-800s. Additionally, India has also placed these planes in a state of watch. Shares of Boeing fell in US exchanges.


The crash of the plane was a tragedy. According to the official Plane crash China Wiki page, condolences of the company as well as the world’s leaders been pouring down.

But, blatantly pointing out the plane to be the source of the crash isn’t as good until we receive investigations reports. This site provides more details on the tragedy.

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