Picuki is a free social media management tool that can help you to manage multiple accounts on different networks. It is a user-friendly option that allows you to edit and post your story, photo, and video on Instagram. This app has the capability of broadcasting an Instagram story to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn at the same time. You can easily share videos from different social media platforms through Picuki.

Picuki is a free Instagram editor and viewer tool

It can help you to manage and edit your photos, videos, live stories, and albums. You can also use Picuki to view your friends’ media from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Picuki offers two main features:

  • Picuki Editor – It allows you to edit your photos with 12+ filters and 3+ frames. You can also add stickers, text, or emojis to your photos.
  • Picuki Viewer -It Viewer allows users to view their friends’ media from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in one place.

Picuki is the best online Instagram editor and viewer tools

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There are lots of benefits of Picuki that you can enjoy

Picuki is a handy tool for you to view and edit photos on Instagram. With the app, you can manage your own photos or other people’s photos with ease. There are lots of benefits of the app that you can enjoy.

With Picuki, you can make your own Instagram grid layout templates

With Picuki, you can make your own Instagram grid layout templates, which will help you achieve a new visual experience. There are four grids available now: horizontal, vertical, landscape, and portrait. After choosing the required layout of the template, you just need to fill in relevant posts into the template by dragging and dropping them. Then you can see how your photo albums appear on your Instagram page after upload. You can also use the app to upload multiple photos at once and share them with friends on Instagram directly by clicking “Upload”.

Picuki can be used to edit pictures taken from both mobile phones and computers

Picuki is the Instagram viewer, editor, and uploader for your phone. It allows you to view pictures, videos, and stories from Instagram profiles and edit them in different ways. It has a more intuitive interface than the official application, an innovative feature that allows you to create a collage from multiple photos and much more.

Some of the most popular features include color filters, various fonts, frames, and more

 Picuki, Instagram viewers and editors, is the most popular Instagram app. You can use it to view pictures, edit pictures (add text, stickers, filters) and post them to your Instagram profile. It’s also a great way to follow people you love and keep up with what they’re doing!

You can also resize photos with Picuki

With Picuki, you can resize photos with just one button click. It doesn’t matter whether your Instagram feed is big or small. It will automatically resize all your images.

Some advantages and disadvantages of Pikuki:

Everything comes with a price, and so do Pukuki and other apps. Pikuki Stockings There are some good and bad things about this fictional website.


  • It has many pros. First of all, it’s free. There are no costs for joining or signing up to use Picuki. You do not need to pay anything to use this site, which is another pro for it.
  • Another pro for Picuki is that it’s easy to use and navigate around the site. It doesn’t take much effort or time to get used to how everything works in the app, so even if you’re new to the site, you won’t have a hard time getting used to it because it’s so simple!
  • The third pro for Picuki is that there are plenty of people using this website as well! As I said before, there are thousands of users on the app at any given time looking at different profiles and posting their own photos as well!


  • As with all things in life, there are always cons that come along with them too! Here are some of the cons of using Social Media sites like Picuki.
  • It takes up time – Did you know that most people spend an average of 2 hours per day.


If you are a user of Picuki, you probably know how to use it by now. Honestly, we don’t need too much description about this editor. Just download it and play around with it and you will know why many Instagram users choose Picuki as their favorite Instagram tool.