Although some women are lucky enough to have minimal or no facial hair, many women are able to see visible facial hair. This is due to the fact that facial hair can be affected by many aspects, including genetics and lifestyle factors, as well as stress levels. Although it’s harmless hair, it affects the appearance and self-esteem of the woman, as many will mock women who have facial hair. Therefore, many women are looking for the most effective method of removal of facial hair in Singapore to ensure that they don’t need to spend time and money every day, checking their faces for hair and taking it off.

Facial hair

Before deciding on the best method for hair removal It is crucial to determine the quantity of hair that is on faces of women who wishes to remove the hair. The majority of women have of their hair growing on the upper lip. In certain cases, this hair is extremely thin and not visible but some women do have hair that is darker. Hair removal services are aware that hair on the upper lip is one of the biggest issues for women, which is why they offer affordable services. In addition, some women are able to have hair under their chins however the rate of growth of hair may differ.

Conventional methods

Methods used by women to eliminate their facial hair are based on the thickness of their facial hair and the speed of growth. Plucking the hair on the face is the cheapest way to eliminating facial hair, and hair is taken away from the hair’s root. This is a lengthy process and is suggested for women with small facial hairs. Shaving is another method to eliminate facial hair. But, shaving can only remove hair that is above the skin, and hair will grow quicker. Waxing is another technique used to remove hair, however it can be painful and could not be efficient.

Permanent hair removal

Although traditional methods for removing hair such as shaving or plucking facial hair not cost a lot however, they are quite time-consuming because women are required to devote hours every day. To avoid this issue it is recommended to opt for an permanent method of removing hair. If this is the case women will need undergo several session of treatments. Removal of hair by laser is among the most well-known ways to eliminate permanent facial hair. The light beam is able to pass through the skin and reach the hair follicle, causing hair loss occurs and then falls out of the hair follicle. It is, however, uncomfortable and, in certain instances the skin can be damaged.

Best option

Recognizing that removal of hair using lasers can be painful, a different method of smooth skin-control hair removal that also makes use of the beam of light, is being developed. This method utilizes an formulated gel that is specially designed so that skin isn’t damaged and hair removal process isn’t painful when the beam of light is directed at the hair follicle. With this method, hair falls off and the new hair that grows will be more fine. Specially discounted options for hair removal are available and the deal for the removal of hair on the upper lip area is available for a short period of time.