Ever since the rise of the internet, more and more people are constantly searching for ways they can use to change or enhance the features of their faces or other body parts. How to make bog nose smaller or nose job using quick and easy ways is one of the most common searches on the internet. No doubt the internet is pretty quick to provide such people with a number of remedies, treatments and easy exercises to get immediate and long-lasting results. Several treatments and exercises look promising to reduce the size of your nose and make it look smaller in a short time. This article will let you know about a few popular and effective ways you can consider opting to get the nose you wish for. So, let’s start.

How to Make the Nose Smaller Naturally?

A lot of people might not believe it, but there are a few natural ways as well that you can use to change the size and shape of your nose. Most people think of nose plastic surgery as the only treatment for reducing the size of your nose, but few natural remedies are also known as effective. However, to get noticeable results from such ways, the individual needs to remain consistent throughout the process because consistency and regular effort are required to get the desired results. Now let’s discuss the popular natural ways.


Though many people still debate the idea of reducing the size of your nose using facial exercises, some people guarantee that repeating a few exercises for a certain period can make noticeable and permanent changes. It is to keep in mind that no exercise can change the position or shape of the bone, so don’t expect that these exercises will completely change the appearance of your nose.


You might have heard about toothpaste as a quick remedy to reduce the size of your nose. Various articles on the internet suggest using toothpaste along with other anti0inflammatory ingredients like garlic or apple cider vinegar can help you change the size of your nose. Well, this method might be effective for reducing the swelling caused due to injury or any other traumatic event but cannot help you change the position or structure of cartilage.


Like toothpaste, many people believe that applying ice to the bigger area of the nose can help reduce the size of the nose and make the nose look smaller. If your nose looks bigger because of swelling or any other forceful impact, you can find using ice effective. However, it has nothing to do with changing the size of cartilage.

What Ways Can Make the Nose Smaller Overnight?

As we mentioned earlier that there is no natural way that can reduce the size of your nose overnight, you can use a few other effective ways to make your nose appear smaller and slimmer, such as make-up or medical treatment.


Contouring your nose with makeup is a way to make the nose appear narrower and smaller. Contouring is an easy trick that you can use anytime and anywhere. You need to apply foundation or your skin colour on the sides of your nose and blend it. Use a bronzer of almost 2 shades darker than your skin and draw two lines down the side of your nose. You can keep the distance between the lines according to how narrower you want your nose to look. Smoothen the lines using a blender and apply a highlighter in the middle of the two lines to make it look more natural.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-surgical nose job is the method of using dermal fillers. This method involves the injection of hyaluronic acid into the nose skin to even out the irregularities and asymmetries. While it is not a permanent solution, as the results only last for three to six months, it is considered a cheaper procedure than the surgical method. So, if you are looking for a cheap treatment with immediate results and no pain, you should consider using dermal fillers.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical treatment also known as a nose job. It is performed to permanently reduce the size of your nose. Rhinoplasty can change the tip of the nose, reduce the size of the nose and straighten the septum of your nose. In case you are having deviated septum, which is causing a problem in breathing, you should consider opting for rhinoplasty. However, rhinoplasty is expensive and can require a few weeks for complete recovery. The types of rhinoplasty treatment are open and closed rhinoplasty, and the type required for you depends on your age and the severity of your condition.


The nose is the main part of your face, which does not only make your face look perfect but also helps you with breathing. Several reasons can affect the appearance of the nose, such as birth defect, injury or any other trauma. Fortunately, many ways can help you fix your nose.