Riyasat Ki Siasat

Lahore 42 News programs have made major revelations in the politics of the state regarding the news inside the no-confidence motion. No-confidence motion, how many people does the opposition have? Imran Khan is going to rule Punjab. What is the Punjab deal of PML-N and PML-Q? Can martial law be instituted in Pakistan? Who lodged General Faiz’s complaint against General Bajwa? And will the no-confidence motion succeed? What will the coalition do if the government stops its members from the assembly?

What is the option for the government to stop the no-confidence motion? Interference in the no-confidence motion between the two countries is a fact or a myth ??

Talking to Raza Hashmi, the host of Lahore 42 News program Riyasat Ki Siasat, regarding these questions, senior journalist and senior reporter of Dunya TV Akhlaq Bajwa said that the people of PTI together with their leadership report to Hamza. He said that Chaudhry was now giving bail to the opposition with reference to other allies while on the other hand Zardari also had a B-plan. Opposition reached total Number of 202.

Khan knows that the game is over. He jokingly said that the darling child had been told to walk and show him. This game is made by Asif Zardari.

He revealed that Pervez Elahi had told General Bajwa about General Faiz’s phone call. Punjab has reached a deal between PDM and PML-Q. Akhlaq Bajwa said that candidates for 9 seats in Punjab will not be fielded against PML-Q. The senior journalist said that intervention of friendly countries is just a story.

PM khan has angered Saudi Arabia and China. Where and why will they come to his aid? On the contrary, now with regard to the international conspiracy, Imran Khan is making a statement of conspiracy after witnessing certain death. PTI members are frustrated. The number of independent candidates in the next elections will be more than the number of PTI candidates. Khan wants to spread chaos. Rawalpindi has said the clash would not be accepted.

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