NFL odds are a form of betting on a football game. This type of wager involves the selection of a favorite and an underdog. A favorite is favored if the number of points the team scores in the game is greater than the negative number. The underdog, on the other hand, is favored if the number is lower.

When choosing a favorite, it’s important to remember that NFL odds adjust for risk/reward. Usually, when betting on a heavy favorite, bettors risk a lot to win easily, while they can win a lot of money with small wagers on heavy underdogs.

Before placing your bet, you should check NFL odds to see which sportsbook has the best line. The odds for any given game will differ from book to book, so it’s important to “shop the lines” at various sportsbooks. While this method can be cumbersome, it can help you make informed decisions on whether or not to place a wager. To make this process easier, The Action Network has compiled all the major sportsbooks’ NFL odds into one easy-to-use web page. The site also provides tips for using the odds.

Another way to maximize your profits with NFL odds is to follow expert picks. You can find expert picks on various types of bets on the action with the use of the Action Labs Tool. This online platform allows you to search through hundreds of prop bet odds and expert picks. These are helpful to people living in states without legal sports betting.

In addition to betting lines, you should also know about point spreads. This is the most popular type of football bet. In this type of betting, a favorite must win by more points than the spread. On the other hand, an underdog must win the game by less than the spread to cover the spread.

Another popular way to place a bet on NFL games is to bet on the game’s over/under total. An over/under total is the total number of points scored by both teams in the game. Because of the high volume of bets on Super Bowls, the total point line will increase.

NFL odds fluctuate throughout the week, so it is important to keep an eye on them. They depend on the opening line set by the handicappers and the betting market. For example, the Baltimore Ravens may open as a three-point favorite over the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, this line could be shifted to Ravens -3 if public betting agrees.

The key numbers that make a game a better bet are those that change frequently. For example, the key numbers in the NFL are three, seven, and 10. These numbers represent the most common final score difference. In addition, big point spread favorites are less expensive than big money line favorites because they have a wider margin for error.