At Newegg they’re committed to providing customers with the most up-to-date technology. They also offer great discounts on the latest items to help you save your time as well as money. Their Newegg Shuffle program gives customers the opportunity to purchase popular products at a bargain price of only $29. They’ve compiled some interesting information about their renowned Newegg Shuffle to help you to better understand this fascinating new product and why it so popular with customers.

Newegg Shuffle:

The retailer online offers an array of electronic products including Newegg 3080. The customer service has been praised for decades. Customers who want to join Newegg’s product shuffle can join using their email address on the subscription page prior to making an order in order to participate in future raffles. Winners must be responsible the entire cost of shipping handling, sales tax and all applicable fees according to the law of their state. Additionally, Newegg shuffle makes it simpler for customers to begin their journey with the world of e-commerce, while also offering advertisers many opportunities on its sites. Find out more about how your company can benefit from one of the biggest E-commerce firms, download one of their expert business plans.

1. Who is eligible to participate:

Customers who have set up an account on their shopping site and have provided an email address to be part of our online drawings. There is no requirement to buy anything in order to participate. Draw entries are random So you will never know if you’ll be selected or not. There is no cost to be a part of the contest. There is no limit on how many times you are able to participate; we encourage all to play every day. However, each person can only win once every one month (30 days). For instance when a drawing contains the chance to win ten prizes and one of them is a prize that belongs to a person who previously won within the past 30 days. The remaining 9 winners are selected through our computer-generated method of selection.

2. How many winners could be chosen:

Sometimes it is possible that an item part of the Newegg Shuffle will be limited in availability. What number of winners will they select? If an item is subject to an limit, they’ll draw one winner for each 10 items that are available. In other words, if there are 1000 items to be won, we’ll select the top ten winners of participants. For the number of winners will be selected it is a matter of opinion that in the case of contests and giveaways we offer there’s no limit. However there are some products that be restricted for situations such as those. The contests and giveaways are designed to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to win. Also, keep in mind that the shipping limitations are also applicable to specific products and you should verify prior to entering. We hope that you will have a great time using Newegg Shuffle.

3. Huge Discounts:

Products included in The Newegg Shuffle are currently restricted in quantity and are sold at a substantial discount with their MSRP. However, the developments that are made in The Newegg Shuffle will return to normal prices when they run out of inventory. These items are only available for a limited duration. Therefore, you must make sure to enter The Newegg Shuffle soon to ensure you have a chance to get one. This is why it’s important to sign up for The Newegg Shuffle as quickly as you can. All winning numbers expire at 9 am PST each day.

If you’ve missed your chance for today’s prize but need a bargain do not fret. Every item in the new egg shuffle will have a regular price. You can add the items to your shopping cart as other items and enjoy the reduced price. When an item sells out of inventory and is no longer available, it won’t be available on the Newegg Shuffle. It means that you’re considering buying an item that’s has been sold out. It’s best to act swiftly before customers claim the remaining units.

4. Enter your email address daily:

You will be informed after you have been selected as the winner. You can do this by filling in your email. The notifications will be sent out every day. One entry per person is permitted each day. Double entries will be disqualified and removed from the selection process as winners. You cannot create multiple accounts for entering more than once per day. Once an entrant has made their entry can’t be changed by the person before the drawing’s end time.

5. What’s the prize?

It’s this is the Newegg 3080 lottery, which will award the iPhone first prize in their product shuffle contest. It has 20 winnings from NewEgg Products, ten who will receive $200 credit, and ten more who will receive $100 Credit on their account. However, each winner will be eligible for the chance to participate in the grand prize draw to win two Apple iPhone devices. The winner of the first place prize will receive the Apple iPhone 5s (16GB) and the second place winner will be awarded one of the iPhones 5c models (16GB). Additionally, we’ll give away three runners-up prizes one Samsung Galaxy S5 device and two Fitbit Flex devices. The winners will be selected randomly from the pool of participants who completed their entry. Winners will be notified by email. The entry forms must include the required information for each entrant or you might not be able to qualify as an official entry.

6. What happens if I place multiple orders?

They will make every effort to ensure you receive every order in the event that you are ordering multiple. If it’s impossible, certain products might need to be delivered later. We’ll notify you as early as is possible prior to shipping an item in conjunction with another order(s). If, for instance, you make the order to purchase item A, and the second order is placed for item B is placed shortly after. They cannot assure that you’ll receive both items at the same time regardless of whether both orders are placed during the Shuffle sale period. If it is longer than 24hrs that have passed since your orders were placed in any of the Shuffle sale. We cannot guarantee that they can send the two items in distinct shipments.

7. The guarantee of availability for the product is:

If a customer doesn’t get their item at the time they expected for Christmas. They will reimburse the shipping cost for that purchase and will also send you a new eggshuffle gift card worth $50. This offer is valid until December, and is applicable for orders that are shipped to destinations in North America only. Orders must be placed before 5 pm. Guaranteed availability of the product can be changed at any time without notice. It is not compatible with other promotions, discounts or coupons. Additional restrictions may apply. They are void if laws prohibit it. Check out the Conditions of Service for details. Newegg reserve the right end or modify these offers without prior notice. For more information on returns policy visit their FAQ page here.

8. What happens when you win?

There is no purchase Winners will be asked to provide their email address in order to be notified when they become among our fortunate fifty (or 100) customers. After being notified, winners are given 24 hours to verify their winnings, or a new winner will be picked and will be notified. This is since we want to ensure that customers are committed to being eligible for an entry into a Newegg Product Shuffle drawing. We want the winners to be able to enjoy their prize however not at the cost of fairness and transparency for the other participants.

Once they have received confirmation, customers can receive an email with directions for how to make the purchase. The winners will be in touch via phone during regular working hours. Furthermore each entry that is valid in every Newegg Shuffle will be contacted by phone. Shuffle will be issued the entry code twice. This code can be used by friends and family members to enter any future drawings. Only one entry per participant. Only valid until supplies are gone.

9. No Waiting List:

A number of prize winners per product will determine the number of people who take part in a particular hour. Winners are selected randomly and must make their purchases within three days after winning or they risk losing their spot in the line. In contrast to a typical lottery shuffle, it’s possible that you’ll need to wait for months or even weeks to win the items you want. There’s no waiting list for The Newegg Shuffle – it’s more of a live-streamed lottery online. First come first served Limiting one entry per participant is enough for fairness and helps to reduce the possibility of fraud. If your name appears as the winner, but someone else has made their purchase before you, you forfeit your prize. You’ll be able to check back in every couple of hours to see if there’s still interest in buying the item, since new inventory is accessible at different hours throughout the day.

10. Low Quantity Product Availability:

The most important factor that determines the possibility of a product being included in a shuffle newegg draw is the quantity of products available to buy. Some manufacturers and suppliers will be able to participate in our drawings when they are out of availability. Products that are not readily available tend to be more popular because they are highly sought-after. Newegg could also choose for inclusion of items that were recently replenished, but the supply isn’t as good (for instance, when they’ve over-saturated the inventory of an online retailer). For example, if a buyer purchases ten pieces of an item one vendor in addition to 50 at another one, each may be in low supply, but neither is eligible to be included in a Shuffle because neither can be considered to be having limited availability based on the prices other retailers are selling it at.