Perhaps you have already used my US portal shipping service to have your goods delivered via to the United States to your country. My US shipping service helps customers who shop online around the world in obtaining the products they desire from both countries. It began as a postal shipping service to expats but later it became a shipping service for retailers.

Customers have expressed their concerns over the services of the company recently, and have complained about the high shipping charges. The company has been branded an Scammer by certain customers. Myus Scam investigated the legitimacy of this website and offered details.

Legit Parameters for My US Com Website:

The user can get all information about the website through this section. The information can be used as a tool for education. This section provides users with information about the site’s time of existence, its reviews by customers and trust index. Although a website might appear to be legitimate, it could have issues in specific areas. The user must be aware of this.

  • The age of the shipping portal It’s two decades old (17 march 1999) and is far not old enough to qualify as a fraud.
  • Trust score website The Myus Reviews team found that this site had an overall trust score of 96 percent. The trust score can be used to judge the authenticity of the domain.
  • Alexa The site ranks at 10674 on Alexa website which means it is getting a decent amount of visitors.
  • Domain expiry The expiry date for domains is April 15th, 2023.
  • Plagiarism Images and text are original and haven’t been copied from any other website.
  • Social media platform The page that leads to this site has links for social accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It is easily accessible on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Trust Index – Scam The trust index of this shipping site is 100 100%. This means that MY US could be a legitimate company.
  • Review by customers We have found a lot of comments from customers on this domain that has been in operation for over two decades. The company has received mixed feedback from its customers.
  • Physical address Contact information can be found on the home page.

What’s MY US Com Website?

My Us began as an expatriate mail service, but it eventually transformed into a shipping business. Myus Scam found out that it was a service that ships to worldwide customers looking to buy the merchandise from either the United States or the United Kingdom.

Over the last 24 decades, the company has provided cost-effective deliveries to 6.6 million customers in 220 countries. It was named as a Scammer Company because of the reviews of customers posted on review websites which are not non-biased.


  • The domain name is
  • Website address :
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Sign up –Available
  • Address Physical,4299 Express Lane Sarasota Florida, United States
  • Shipping policy – price differs for countries.
  • PricingPrices based on distance and weight
  • Number of contact Contact number: +91 227 44444

Myus Scam This website has the advantages and disadvantages of this website for a shipping company are:

  • The trust score that is very high is a sign of credibility.
  • Contact details and the company’s number on the home page of the site.
  • It has an Alexa score of 10674. This signifies that it is receiving an abundance of traffic.
  • Its over twenty-four-year old age is a good sign of its authenticity.
  • They are active in social media to facilitate public communications.

Cons for My US Portal:

  • Although feedback from customers is accessible on this site However, some customers have encountered mixed results from its shipping services.
  • This site doesn’t have specific policies pages.
  • Customers complained about the exorbitant shipping costs.

What are the Myus reviews do you have for This Delivery Company?

Myus, a site which has been in existence for over two decades, allows us to search for a wide range of user reviews that are posted on a review site that is neutral. The company was awarded a score in the range of 3.3 on a publicly reviewed website that has 7,548 reviews. The company has a slightly more favorable customer rating than other websites, that have the same number of reviews.

Similar results were also found on a different platform. Its rating is 1.2 with 124 ratings. Because of its pricing policy, a lot of users consider this site to be fraudulent. It is possible to request an return of your money from PayPal Scam by reading this.

The final verdict

The terms and conditions of this shipping firm are positive in addition, Myus Scam found nothing any evidence to label it a scam.