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Today, we’ll be discussing Do you shop until you’re stuffed? Are you finding buying clothes to be tedious and exhausting and feel as if you’re just wasting your harvest evening. You may like this online store with the wide range of items available. Shopping online is on the rise particularly within the United States. Do you would like to read the Review this article is written perfect for those of you. We’ll discuss more about it.

What’s the Myeagerheart website?

There are many clothes for women and men, such as haircut clippers, hair carpets paint pens, combs and many other accessories for beauty. It’s also appeared as a hair shampoo floor drains, and other items. If you buy more than they can offer you an enormous discount. Each item are available in large quantities. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need. offers a wide selection of products at every price point.

We have discovered that there isn’t a single review or customer rating for and also the absence of social media reviews.

What exactly are the requirements for this website?

  • Weblink –
  • Addresses officially recognized Addresses official not listed in the website portal.
  • Number for phone – not readily available
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Domain name:
  • Domain creation date – 2021-06-01
  • Last domain update: 2021-06-16
  • Domain expiration date: – 2022-06-01
  • Score of Trust – just one percent
  • Pay method PayPal online (only Paypal).
  • Shipping is Free of charge on orders over the amount of 59$.
  • Delivery time: 2-5 working days
  • It is easy to return the item you purchased within 14 days from the day of purchase.
  • Social media pages – Facebook pages aren’t available
  • Evaluation Not available on Web Portal

The benefits of purchasing

  • HTTPS ensures website security
  • Refunds and returns are simple
  • They give a huge discounted price on their items
  • A precise and thorough overview of all the items.
  • Domain hosts an email server. This is an excellent sign.

There are some disadvantages buying on this website

  • Name of domain is fresh (less six months old).
  • images of this product is not available.
  • PayPal is the sole method of payment that accepts PayPal payments.
  • Contact number and phone number for missing persons. person to report missing individuals
  • Portal is missing social media
  • Unexpected discounts
  • There aren’t any reviews on this website.

Is legitimate?

We need to confirm more details about this website. It’s unclear if this website is genuine. We’ll look at the following facts:

  • There aren’t any number for contact
  • The address isn’t in the site
  • Name of domain is fresh (less than six months).
  • The absence of social media is a major concern
  • Only 11% of websites have the highest confidence score.
  • This website is not particularly popular
  • Name creation for a domain is only one month , and it takes 14 days
  • China A domain that is registered by a corporation
  • HTTPS protocol is detected, but doesn’t always mean security
  • reviews aren’t accessible on the portal.
  • PayPal is the sole online payment method.
  • This domain has been linked to another country which has been used for fraudulent purposes by the owner of a website
  • Business rank: 14.9/100 has a low authority ranking that is 14.9. This indicates that the company is not known and is either suspicious or doubtful. We’ve already talked about the lack of information as well as the inability to find contacts and information. This fraudulent website is running the domain of a company that is connected to a different. Examining data and facts websites is an e-scam.

Customer review at

The website isn’t equipped with any social media buttons. We were unable to find authentic customers since reviews aren’t posted. However, we did get comments from Twitter. Many people believe that this website isn’t user-friendly. It doesn’t have reviews or feedback which could help improve the online visibility of its website. However, it’s not well-known enough to be able to post customers’ reviews on

Like I said the address and phone number are not there. This makes the website less reliable. Learn more about PayPal fraud.

Final verdict

It’s a major fraud for me. It’s difficult to detect and I would recommend it. The absence of review and the absence of social media is enough evidence to show that this is a scam. Find out more about frauds committed with credit cards by clicking here

The website has a very high spam rating. The domain was created in the last few days and is owned by an Chinese firm. The portal does not contain customers’ service number or the names of its person who owns it. The website is a scam.