Even though it is anticipated that the number of motorcycle-related fatalities will remain high until at least August 2020, a motorcycle accident lawyer in California is committed to providing the community with the resources it needs to keep safe on the roads.

Despite the well-known risks involved with their use, motorcycles continue to be popular among the people of California as a means of transportation because of their speed and portability. Even though motorcyclists in California concentrate on staying attentive and avoiding being involved in automobile accidents, the state has the highest yearly rate of motorcycle collisions in the United States.

The following are some of the most common factors that lead to motorcycle accidents in the County, as well as some preventative measures that drivers of other types of vehicles can take to reduce their likelihood of being involved in such incidents.

  • Left-Turning Vehicles Are A Major Factor In Motorcycle Accidents

More than forty percent of all car-motorcycle accidents are caused by a passenger car driver making a left turn in front of a motorcycle.

This terrifying event often occurs when the rider is either proceeding straight through an intersection or attempting to pass the car.

To prevent these potentially fatal crashes, motorists shouldn’t ever turn into the path of a motorcyclist. It only takes a couple of seconds to let the rider go through the junction like any other vehicle to prevent a potentially fatal collision.

  • Stockton Crashes Caused Through Other Vehicles Merging Into Motorcycle Lane

It’s easy for motorists to miss motorcyclists in their blind zones. Motorists not paying attention, speeding, or not following traffic laws further endanger motorcyclists.

Always check your blind areas before changing lanes, and remember that just because you’re in a more significant, safer car doesn’t give you the right to bully a biker into submission.

Avoid doing anything that could divert your attention from the road, such as texting or talking on the phone. As a motorcyclist, your life may depend on how attentive you are to the road ahead.

  • Too Often, Motorcyclists Die In Head-On Crashes

Over half (56%) of motorcycle accident fatalities occur in collisions with other vehicles.

Almost eighty percent of these accidents involve a vehicle colliding head-on with a motorcycle.

Head-on collisions between passenger vehicles and motorcycles are highly hazardous because the power and speed of the crash can cause the rider to be thrown off their bike and into the road, which can frequently result in severe injuries or even death.

Even though protective gear like helmets, gloves, and other riding equipment can help protect a rider during crashes, the rider’s chances of sustaining severe injuries, such as a patient with traumatic injury or even death, increase when the cyclist comes to an abrupt stop. This is because the rider’s momentum has suddenly stopped, increasing the crash’s severity.

When a motorcyclist gets hit head-on by a car, it’s usually because the driver swerved into oncoming traffic or went the opposite way down a one-way street. Drivers’ constant vigilance while behind the wheel is essential for preventing fatal head-on crashes with motorcyclists.

Closing Musings

Suppose you were hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver’s carelessness. In that case, you should get in touch with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation. They will walk you through the particulars of your motorcycle collision and explain all the legal options available to you so that you can pursue financial compensation from the individual or entity responsible for causing your injuries.