MLB will make a marketing effort that could be interesting in the coming years, and this time they have reached an agreement with the phone giant Apple to broadcast the game on Friday.

And the seemingly common announcement of a new version of Apple’s smartphone also brought news of a deal with MLB.

Major League Baseball is taking over and could add new spectators to the world’s best baseball.

Although Formula 1 is far from being a Netflix phenomenon, it can be a very interesting first step.

This sport is strengthened not only by its widespread presence, as mentioned earlier, but also by its priority in information networks. Only twice is 스포츠중계 not a news opening sport, although football news also lasts longer in these cases. Next, we’ll look at how each channel treats a sports event with broadcast rights and compares information from the same event, in line with the treatment offered by other channels. The Hierarchy section shows the order of the news based on general information. Although the number of sports appearing in each news period has already been commented on, this number is not the same as the number of news items in the news period, as the same sport may be monopolized by several news items.

In addition, these three channels guide the audience

According to Kantar Media, the general assembly also approved the latest wave, in which Telecinco and Antennas 3 swapped the first two places, but La 1 in third place, making it too far from the other channels into a triangle. Over 180 minutes, 92 different types of teaching were included in the study. The matches of the selected programmer are weekend news.

The choice during this period is conditional as it is concurrent

Broadcasting of several sporting events for only three channels studied: two Grand Prix at the Formula 1 World Championships (Atresmedia), Lira BBVA and the World Moto Championships (focused), two cycling competitions, the Tennis Master 1000 and the Paralympics Games. (RTVE) After collecting data on weekend NBA news programs for that period (24 news hours in total), a fieldwork file was created to reduce the data for later analysis. In the first stage, the basic information is stored: the sporting event and the date to find out how the sporting event took place before or on the same day as the broadcast, and the ownership of the broadcast, for example the channel has exclusive rights to the broadcast. … The problem with this event. In addition to the articles mentioned above, we also have the date of the press release for this sporting event; the hierarchy, the position of the news in relation to the rest of the program or the length of the news, determines how much time the news takes. 5. Summary Below are some of the results of this research, which is limited to sports news from weekend TV stations.