Many men spend considerable time picking the perfect outfit and underestimate the importance of quality accessories. The right pieces can take your style to the next level, improve your comfort, and help you exude confidence at work, an event, or socializing.

Investing money into quality items will make you look good and feel comfortable. Here are six accessories you didn’t know you needed.

  1. A Tie Clip

If you often wear a tie to work or attend many formal events in a suit, you will not regret buying a stylish tie clip. It is one of the most fashionable yet functional accessories a man can own, as it will keep a sleek tie neat and tidy.

A sophisticated tie clip will look great while preventing your tie from flapping around in the wind, which is perfect when spending time outdoors. Also, a tie clip is a better alternative to a tie pin, as it will not damage a tie’s fabric.

  1. A Rope Belt

Leather, plastic, and canvas belts are functional but sometimes uncomfortable. If your belt often feels too tight when sitting down or walking, you will not regret switching to a rope belt. It is a comfier alternative that will keep your pants up and may even help you make a fashion statement. Learn more about the cool accessory by reading this post about rope belts from Lizard Tail Belts.

  1. A Watch

Many modern men rely on their smartphones for timekeeping. Yet, few accessories are more sophisticated and stylish than an attractive watch. It doesn’t matter if you go vintage or buy an expensive timepiece; a watch will tie a look together and make you appear like a polished gentleman with great attention to detail.

  1. High-Quality Sunglasses

If you have never owned a high-quality pair of sunglasses before, it’s time to treat yourself. Yet, it is important to buy a designer pair over the cheap styles you’ll find at a gas station. A quality pair of sunglasses will make you look and feel cool on a sunny day while protecting your eyes from the sun. Also, the right design can finish off an outfit while proving you take pride in your appearance.

  1. A Pocket Square

A pocket square is the perfect finishing touch to a tailored suit. Once deemed as outdated, more modern gentlemen are starting to realize they ooze sophistication and style. After all, a classic pocket square will inject personality and color into a suit, which will enhance your look when worn correctly. For example, it must complement the color of your suit and tie.

  1. A Card Case

Wallets appear bulky when stuffed into jeans, chinos, or jacket pockets. If you would prefer something a little more minimalist and slimline, start carrying a card case with you. The slim, lightweight design will carry and care for your important cards without sticking out in your clothing. You will wonder why you didn’t buy one much sooner.