Pregnancy rumors once again surround the singer Anuel AA and her partner Yailin, known on social networks as ‘the most viral’. On more than one occasion, they have made it clear that they have among their plans to go through the altar and have children and the fans speculate with the good news.

The truth is that now it is known that Anuel AA will be a father for the second time but not with his girlfriend yailin. A young Venezuelan named Melissa Vallecilla assures on social networks and on the Mexican program ‘El Gordo y la flaca’ that she is 7 months pregnant with the singer.

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According to the expectant mother, she had an affair with Anuel AA in the last quarter of last year and became pregnant. When she told Karol G’s ex that they were going to have a child, he promised to be present and not leave her alone, but soon he met Yailin and she no longer answered her phone.

As posted on social media by Melissa Vallecilla, Anuel AA He will have a girl who will also be Pablo’s half-sister, the singer’s eldest son with one of his first partners, Astrid Marie Cuevas. So far neither he nor his girlfriend Yailin have referred to the baby on the way.

Melissa Vallecilla’s latest post. Source: instagram @meli__valle

“Waiting for a princess! Counting down the days to finally know my greatest blessing. God knew what he was doing and could not have sent you at a better time. My joy every day is to feel your kicks and imagine you in my arms. I love you and can’t wait to meet you!” he wrote. Melissa Valeccilla in the social network of the camera.

Melissa Vallecilla’s latest post. Source: Instagram @meli__valle

“Waiting to be a princess!” I am counting down the days until I get to know my greatest blessing. God knew exactly what He was doing, and could not have sent you at an even better time. Every day, it brings me joy to feel your kicks and hold you close. He wrote, “I love you and can’t get enough of you!” Melissa Valeccilla in the social network.