Rosemary oil has a long history dating back to the Egyptian era, which was highly regarded for its healing power and mystical hair oil properties. In fact, traces of rosemary, traditionally used for healing and purification, were found in Egyptian tombs. The use of this oil has a variety of therapeutic benefits, including: B. Helps improve blood circulation and concentration. It is often used to actually reduce fatigue symptoms. In addition to applying this oil topically, inhaling vapors will help clear the clogged area.

Other medical benefits associated with doterra Rosemary include:

  • Skin and Hair-Apply this oil to cotton swab and wipe your face to remove irritation and skin irritation. In fact, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of this oil help treat acne, eczema and dermatitis. Regular use of this oil will irritate the hair follicles and make the hair longer and stronger. It also delays whitening of hair and can be used for early hair loss. These properties make rosemary oil an essential ingredient in hair care products.
  • Respiratory Relief-Sore throat, colds and flu can be treated by massaging or inhaling the vapor of this oil. As mentioned above, this oil has a slight antiseptic property, so it can be effectively used to treat respiratory infections and allergies.
  • Increased mental clarity-Inhaling rosemary essential oil not only beautifies and heals the respiratory tract, but also stimulates the brain and nervous system to further improve mental clarity and memory. In fact, inhaling a few drops of rosemary essential oil can make you feel better and cure depression. You can relieve headaches by using a few drops of this oil at the pulse point and inhaling the vapor.
  • Additional Benefits-Adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil to the bath will help treats a variety of digestive problems such as indigestion, stomach cramps and gas. In fact, dropping a few drops of this essential oil into a cup of water will help remove bad breath and disinfect the mouth.

Diluting this oil with carrier oil such as almond or grape seed oil and massaging it on the skin can reduce muscle pain such as menstrual cramps, back pain and rubbing of the neck. People suffering from arthritis can also benefit from massage with rosemary oil to relieve joint pain. Some people also use this oil to improve the appearance of cellulite.

There are many health benefits associated with this oil, but it should be used with caution. Pregnant or lactating women should never take this oil as it can cause vomiting and seizures. In fact, people suffering from epilepsy or high blood pressure should avoid taking this oil internally or externally.