One of the most well-known faces on television is the driver Mariazel Ole It was recently in the news because he quit the Televisa Univision program Me Caigo de Risa, in which he had worked for a while. He is now looking for new work opportunities.

MariazelShe’s also one of the most beautiful women working in entertainment. She shares with her over three-and-a-half million followers on social media her best photos, poses, and family moments.

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Mariazel Mariazel has had several cosmetic touches done to her beautiful face since the 20-year-old attack that left her with a broken nose. It was another day for her, but she didn’t expect that a man would attempt to kidnap and assault her when she left work.Mariazel. Source: instagram @mariazelzel

The struggle ended when the man shot at Mariazel at the height her chin. She was just 19 years old at the time. She was immediately treated by an ambulance after being called by a passerby. Because the bullet had entered her chin and exited through one her ears, it was necessary to place a titanium plat on her head.Mariazel. Source: instagram @ShowmundialShow

MariazelFortunately, there were no scars on her face. It is now one of her key beauty keys. But before the accident, she looked very different. Her eyebrows were very thin and her nose was also very thin. She vowed to overcome the negative moment and continue her career.