The most important occasions are a time of year that’s important to numerous businesses, both small as well as large. If you’re prepared it is possible to get your message out to your clients that not only convinces customers to spend their money, but also encourages them to purchase from your brandand keep buying from you into the future.

Customers aren’t inclined to save their money for a sporadic shopping spree. However, this doesn’t mean businesses shouldn’t make the most of the time of year.

What can happen to your business?

It’s a good idea to start planning for events by reviewing your company’s overall performance and what offerings and the products that you provide. It is possible to offer seasonal discounts and limited-edition products or perhaps only available through an loyalty program.

If you have a good knowledge of your clients and what draws them and what they are looking for, you could succeed in getting them to buy from you. The people between the ages of 25 and 44 tend to be the most likely buyers at this time of the year which is why targeting them could be beneficial.

It’s worth taking a look at your performance from the previous Occasion reviews, and reexamining to find out the areas where improvement is. You could divide your offer to target specific people, so that they’re searchable as well.

Christmas Marketing for your Brand

Email is a great method of keeping in contact with your customers. The more personal your email is more likely it will be read. This means that you need to collect information about individual customers. If you can convince customers to share this information through an incentive program it is possible to lure them to open their emails at any time they are delivered. The likelihood of emails being opened is higher be read at specific hours of the day and on certain days of the during the week. The weekdays are more likely to have higher opening rates than weekend days, and the most effective times to open are usually around 10am or 1pm.

One method to attract customers is to use contests with a special theme. The entry fee could be as simple such as an email. Once you’ve got your entrance point to the venue, you should convince your customers of the advantages of remaining in your loyalty programme by providing exclusive discounts and other rewards in the future. Try to cultivate a sense of belonging and exclusivity – as well as mentioning that it’s Easter, and that any deals are special and not-to-be-repeated. Changing your website and branding to reflect the occasion theme will help you to remind everyone about the season, and by extension any seasonal discounts that are associated with it. When your brand’s logo seems suitable for being altered to reflect the Easter theme that’s all the better.