There are many different kinds of dry fruits growing in the entire world. Some of the dry fruits that we see are seeds of a fruit. Examples include cashews, almonds, pistachios, etc. And most of them are fruits that are dried to make them dry fruits. Examples include dates and grapes that are dried to make raisins. When fruits are dried under the sun, the moisture present in them gets evaporated. Hence their shelf life gets extended. In any fruit or plant, there are certain natural oils present. We have seen the common example of coconut oil, groundnut oil, etc.

These oils prevent them from drying completely such that their flavor is retained in the fruit. And it is very important to retain the flavor. If the fruit is dried completely, there will not be any original taste remaining in the fruit. Moreover, it is these oils are also important for other purposes too. And hence the reason most of the time, the oil is retained and only the moisture is eliminated. Because if there is moisture, then there will be microorganisms thriving on the surface and the fruit will get decomposed. Which will not be edible anymore.

If you take the example of cashew nuts, you cannot extract any kind of oil from the white nuts. Because they do not contain that much oil. The oil is present in the thick coating of the cashew seed. That can also be used. But most often the seed coat is roasted in the fire and is broken down to expose the fruit. And while roasting, you could see some liquid oozing out of the seed coat. That is the oil present if you buy cashew online.

Here the seed is dried and not the fruit. From fruit, the juice is obtained that is then fermented to make an alcoholic drink.

Buying cashews in bulk will save you a lot of money!

It is known to everyone that when you buy any item in bulk, you will get the item at a discounted price. The same is the case with buying dry fruits online or offline. If you are planning to make a cashew nut online purchase, then you can visit the websites that sell wholesale products only.

It is not a case that you will not find the desired amount at a regular grocery retail store. But you may not get discounted items per purchase, except for the small value coupons that are given. And at the wholesale stores, you can get the customized order according to your choice and will receive everything in a single packaging, rather than multiple packages of small quantity.

But if you do not require that much quantity, then you can buy cashew online through the retail grocery stores. Because you will get the product at the same value. Sometimes cashews are salted, so take care while ordering. Because you won’t be able to use it for sweets and other dishes.