A place where the magic happens, a powder room is an essential part of our lives. The place where we go to put on our armor in the morning and get ready to face the day deserves special attention and care while designing. Some key components make up a powder room. Here are some ideas to make your powder room an all-encompassing space. 

Ideas for your powder room

Dressing table 

The most trusted and honest friend when you are getting ready is the dressing table. It lays out all your essentials in front of you and the mirror gives you a look at reality. A dressing table is more than just a tool. It is a place where you should be able to see your options and make proper choices. Starting from which earrings you wish to adorn to which perfume you are in the mood for today, everything is at your fingertips and you can take your pick. 


No one ever said, “My cupboard has more space than I can use.” A well-planned wardrobe can accommodate all your belongings without a fuss. A good closet has space for all kinds of clothes and shoes. Your cupboard should have enough shelves, hanging space, and low shelves to accommodate shoes. If you wish to create a section of seasonal items, it is important you make it in the same space as constant ventilation will keep your clothes smelling fresh and not leave them dusty. It is also advisable to add naphthalene balls along with silica packets to keep away fabric-eating insects and control the humidity in the cupboards. 


The lighting in the powder room should be of a higher lux. When you are looking at colours and shades of clothes or make up, you should get a fair idea. That is why it is important to illuminate the key areas like the dressing table and the wardrobe appropriately. Avoid using yellow or warm lights in such areas as they affect the colour you are looking at. Another great way to ensure the lighting is perfect is to get mood lighting for testing how a certain outfit may look at night or for a day party. 


Apart from the dressing table, get a bench or any other comfortable seating where you can easily put on your shoes or simply rest. This seating need not be a complete set and should be placed against a wall to avoid taking up space.

Full-length mirror

Apart from the dressing table, get a full-length mirror for your powder room which gives you a glimpse of how you look with your whole outfit on. A full-length mirror is also helpful when draping a saree. 

Rug or a carpet

When you decide to wear a particular pair of shoes, you often forget to factor in the kind of flooring you will face when you go to a party. It is advisable to have a balanced combination of tiles and rugs or carpets in your powder room to give you a feel of every kind of surface. 

A powder room does not have to be a separate room, but it can be made in the bedroom itself using artistic dividers. The biggest advantage of a powder room is the privacy you get as well the proper storage of your items.