Lynsey Kraanen is an British model born on November 11, 1986 , in Hull, East Yorkshire, England. The zodiac sign for Lynsey is Scorpio. It is a symbol of white ethnicity. Lynsey Kraanen is a follower of the Christian faith. The husband of Lynsey is Luke Campbell, who is an experienced British boxer.

Physical Stats of Lynsey Kraanen

Lynsey Kraanen has the look of being a top model. She also has the perfect height for model that is 5 feet 7 inches. Dark brown eyes and dark brown hair give Lynsey an advantage over other models. Lynsey’s body, which measures at 34-36-34 inches is what has made her look more appealing. As with the majority of women in the world, Lynsey also in love with tattoos. She has a breast measurement of 34B which is even more attractive with the size 7 for shoes (US) as well as the size of her dress of six (US).

Lynsey Kraanen: Parents, Siblings and Education

Affluent with a stable family, Lynsey is the angle of Jake Kraanen’s father and the mother Susana Kraanen. Lynsey is the older brother of Shane as well as James. Being the older sister, responsibility was a natural to her from the very beginning. In terms of academics, Lynsey was always focused. The Hull-based Tweendykes School provided her with an education that was basic. To pursue higher studies she attended an institution that is among the top well-known centers of education in London St Mary’s University. She completed her degree from the department of Arts (History). Lynsey’s familymembers, as Luke Campbell’s family are avid supporters of Hull City FC.

Lynsey Kraanen: Marriage, Kids

Kraanen Kids

Kraanen was married to her long-term partner Luke Campbell in 2014 – but they’ve lived together since the year 2011. The beautiful boxing couple is blessed with two sons. Lynsey and Luke originate from Hull. They were able to get quickly. Kraanen loves Luke Campbell and feels great with Luke Campbell. She is a very open-minded woman. In 2014, the couple got married on the grounds of the Walt World (r) Resort in Walt World(r) Resort, Florida, United States.

Lynsey Kraanen: Professional Career

The work with Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Adidas and Nike highlighted the modeling profession of Lynsey Kraanen. She became professional in the year 2008. Despite her natural beauty she was not able to achieve the top of her model field. However, she was an average English model. Inability to connect to modeling was also a major factor in the development of Lynsey’s career. Without it, she would have been a bigger and more well-known name within her home country of the United Kingdom and around the world.

Social Media

Lynsey Kraanen is a accounts on social media, however she has a small her followers. She enjoys using Instagram and other social networks that are creative as a normal woman.

Net Worth

It’s a big surprise to some – however, her net worth Kraanen is worth $1 million (US dollars). She is married to her husband, who is the primary factor behind the money.


Luke Campbell (boxer) is one of the top famous names known in British boxing. Being an amateur boxer, Luke won the gold medal in the Bantamweight Division at the 2012 Olympic Games and set the stage for his future professional endeavors. As a professional boxer, Luke Campbell has been through many ups and downs. However, he is known for his dedication to the sport and love for the sport.