Does your living room feel a bit cramped? Do you feel the need to have some easy fixes? Well, five fantastic living room ideas will help you expand the space.

Typically, visitors’ first look falls at your living room when they enter the house. So, your living room space and its arrangement are a deal-breaker for your first impression. Even if you have the most beautiful home and high-quality furniture in Houston, the wrong floor plan and furniture arrangement can steal the charm within seconds.  

Furthermore, you should try new ideas to bring novelty and a breath of fresh air to your most-used room. This article focuses on five practical ideas that will visually expand your living space and feel great. This remodeling is perfect if you have no plans of constructing the house in the near future.

Take away from the following decorative ideas:

  1. Arranging the traffic flow
  2. Creating a focal point
  3. Opting for an open floor plan
  4. Using mirrors to reflect light
  5. Cleverly using the walls of the living room

Arranging the traffic flow:

Obstruction in the ways can be a real problem in your current living room décor. Remember that all furniture demands correct placement. If your furniture is obstructing the room’s traffic flow, it will look cramped no matter how big it is. First of all, determine the entry point of your living room. Keep it to one door if it has two entrances. Then place furniture so that it does not mess up the traffic flow from the main door.

Furthermore, be more careful if it has an extended dining area. In particular, arrange the sofa, so it does not block the entryway, window, and overall floor plan. So, keep ample space for walking.  

Creating a focal point:

Is it mandatory to create a focal point? Well, most interior design experts think so! Anything could emphasize the focus of your living space. It could be an accent chair, a floral wallpaper, an abstract painting, pendant lights, or a meaningful literal banner. However, the focal point must be cohesive with the rest of the living room décor. Also, try something utterly modern or traditionally antique.

Opting for an open floor plan:

An open floor plan is a key to expanding the look of your living room. This type of floor plan may have an open kitchen, a dining area, or a reading nook. You can create a significant space by clearing the room. Moreover, area rugs are the best props to expand and classify different spots in your living space.

But, interior experts prefer a small partition between an open kitchen and your living room for a graceful décor. The material and color you choose for the flooring make a massive difference in its final look.

Using mirrors to reflect light:

Honestly, mirrors can push away walls. It is a great way to expand a space a few square feet without physically expanding it. Mirrors can make your home look bigger and more attractive too. So, focus on a few walls that reflect light and use unique mirrors. Moreover, use flowers, gorgeous drapes, and windows further to reflect the light and beauty of the space. And make use of mirrors of irregular shapes. 

Also, don’t forget to use the rectangular mirror on the main wall; it will make the room way bigger than it is. You can get these accents and high-quality furniture in Houston from Winport.

Cleverly using the walls of the living room:

What defines the size of your room? It appears from the place where your walls and floor meet. That is how you expand the floor plan. The clever use of walls and their heights can make a huge visual impact on the size of the room visibly. So, take advantage of the walls and ceiling. For instance, use long curtains slightly below the room top no matter the size of the window. As a result, your living room will look big, no matter how small. Moreover, use tall bookcases and crown moldings above the cabinets.

Summing up:

That’s all for now! These living room ideas can genuinely expand the size of your space. So, try to be careful with the traffic flow and furniture arrangement. Use walls and mirrors to create a visual impact. And try to opt for an open floor plan. Create a focal point through accents and change how your living room looks.   here are the 07 brilliant ways to break the monotony of your living room