Bachelor of Arts (BA) has grown in popularity in recent times and a plethora of students have shown interest in the various disciplines that it offers.r The duration of courses under the category of BA is generally three to four years. Getting enrolled in BA specializations are merit-based, as well as some colleges conduct entrance exams as well, or both. Many best arts colleges in Bhopal have different admission requirements that must be fulfilled by candidates in order to get admission to the BA course. 

BA constitutes two different forms- BA and BA honors. Let’s see what’s the difference between the two.

BA – The BA course is a general course where the student can choose two languages like English, Political Science, History, Sociology, Geography, Hindi Bengali, etc. BA Hons. – Unlike BA, in BA Hons a student is supposed to pick one subject/discipline in which he/she wants to specialize. Thus, it is selected when we want to specialize in one language and build our career around that.  Students often look for the best BA honors colleges in Bhopal to pursue their career in BA major. 

Now that we are aware of two different forms of BA courses, let’s see what various specializations we can choose from.

Bachelor of Arts in Education – Bachelor of Arts in Education is a three-year-long degree and is meant for those who want to try their hands at the education industry like a teacher, a professor, or a lecturer. This course is often confused with B.Ed., however, both of them are not similar and have different content, curriculum, syllabus, and more.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication– Communication is a vital part of human beings and one cannot sustain without communicating with one another. If you are one who has a knack for writing, giving speeches, editing clips, making videos, recording voices, etc., then you should definitely check this course out. Obviously, the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication is an umbrella term and one who opts for it can explore various branches that it includes like print media, broadcast media, films, public relations, advertisement, or development journalism.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics– Bachelor of Arts in Politics is another three-year undergraduate course where the students are made familiar with the theoretical aspects of politics and the practice of political behavior. It involves learning about various political systems, public administrations, governmental policies, international relations, and public affairs. It is a good degree to choose if you are interested in politics and are eager to know more about the same.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology– This course is inclined towards the psychological aspect and studying how a person’s psyche works, mind processes things, crisis management, feelings, reactions, and much more. The three-year course is perfect for those who are interested in knowing the science behind minds. Also, it doesn’t mean that with this course you’ll be able to read minds because that’s a misconception a lot of people have.

Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature– This course involves studying linguistics, and ancient forms of the English language and is surely not limited to just this. The course includes lessons on the best writers like Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Swift, and others. If one continues to study this course as a master’s degree as well, one can get jobs in the field of writing, teaching, and mass communication, or be an author and start your own blog and earn money from it.

Bachelor of Arts in Geography– This undergraduate course involves studying geography like the land, water, air, and its internal and external formations. Ones who opt for this course have career options as a geologist, geography professor or teacher, etc.

Bachelor of Arts in History– This history-oriented course talks about historical human affairs, studying ancient facts and data, knowing about how the world evolved, and getting insights into Indian ancient and medieval history and comparing it with contemporary times. Not only this, but students also learn about the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of India.

The above-mentioned were the various courses that a student can opt for. Of course, the career options aren’t limited to what was mentioned. You can get into other fields as well like law, management, the hospitality industry, tourism, public work, and political organizations to name a few. The BA degrees have a lot of advantages. They aren’t just limited to a specific stream. Instead, students from other streams i.e., science and commerce and also opt for these courses. These courses are built in a way which increases your knowledge about a particular subject and at the same time enhances your soft skills like analytics, research, and communication skills. Lastly, these courses offer many post-graduate and career options which one can choose as per their likings.


There are numerous colleges that provide BA courses like Miranda House, Hindu college, Lady Shri Ram College, St. Stephens, etc. Another good college that provides various BA degrees is the Mansarovar Global University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. If you are looking for a BA colleges in Bhopal that has various different degrees to choose from, then MGU is definitely an ideal institute. Established in 2018, the institute seeks to make responsible citizens and help students easily adapt to future challenges, and impart academic learning and values. MGU is the leading University in Bhopal that is globally known for providing top-notch education to create world-class candidates. 

The institute provides a long list of BA courses like B.A.(Honors) -English / Hindi / History / Sociology / Home Science / Political Science / Economics / Geography / Social Work / Public Administration / Rural Development /Human Rights. All the courses are for three years and eligibility includes passing the 12th standard. 

Thus, if you are interested in studying for a BA degree, but are confused as to which course you should go for, you can definitely go to MGU and get counseling which will help you to choose the course which suits you the best. Also, the institute offers scholarships as well, so you must check if you are eligible for the same to reap benefits.