Everyone wants to play The Price is Right pricing games, but only a few are allowed to take the stage. Many game developers were inspired by the show, and created online games that are based on it. Plinko is a popular game that can be found online at casinos, where you can win real cash prizes like the ones on the show.

The HTML5 framework that runs the World Wide Web, and the creativity of game providers to make the game accessible for all players, makes this possible. Here’s everything you need to know to help you win up to 1000x your wager.


It is easy to learn how to play Plinko. You can see an example and get the gist of it. Simply place your bet and then drop the ball/chip on the board. The board is filled with a maze full of pegs. You can wait for your chip to land at a specific slot at the bottom. Online Plinko is different from the game show that inspired it. You can interact with many elements.

You will first need to know how to control the number of pegs. This can be done by increasing the number lines that refer to rows of pegs, from top to bottom. You can have as many as 8 or 16 pegs, with two starting at the top and ending below the hole for your ball. Each line descends in number, and the pegs spread horizontally to reach the slots.

The payout volatility and the number of slot machines can be affected by changing the difficulty. The range of highest to lowest payouts is greater the higher the difficulty. The jackpot prize is up to 1,000x your wager if you play high difficulty on 16 lines. However, it is bordered by one 0x slot.


Game providers excel at creating user-friendly features in their games. The same goes for Plinko. You can choose to have it be active or passive. You can also control the size of the bet, which can vary depending on the casino and currency used.

You can set the difficulty, number of lines and ante size for the auto-play mode. It will also determine how many spins it should make while you’re away. This allows you to perform other activities and still have a chance of winning real cash. You can also be more creative and involved with the game’s various settings.

It is so simple to learn Plinko, that you will need to read less than 500 words. Playing is the only way to master the game. Play at your favorite online casino and start winning Plinko prizes.