If you’ve ever been to Ireland, or if you’re lucky enough to live there, you’ll know that gambling is big news in the country. There are an array of land-based casinos to choose from and these provide an amazing experience that you’ll struggle to match anywhere else in the world. Just in Dublin alone, you have great casinos such as:

  • The Sport Emporium
  • Playland Casino 
  • 4 Kings Casino and Card Club
  • Carlton Casino Club

Just like you’d find with online casinos, these land-based ones have different features and game selections. Finding which one might be right for you means travelling to them all or reading up on reviews to find out just what’s on offer. 

Not everyone wants the hassle of travelling before they can enjoy their favourite games. The good news is that if you prefer playing at online casinos there are plenty of these to choose from in Ireland too. Whether an online casino or land-based one is right for you is really down to personal preference. That being said, there are some pros and cons that are worth exploring and these may well help you to decide what the best option for you is. 

The pros of land-based casinos 

Of course, land-based casinos have been around far longer than their online alternatives. This has given them time to perfect their offerings and to know how to draw a crowd. If you decide to play at one of these casinos, some of the advantages include:

  • A great social experience – When you visit a land-based casino you find that you’re surrounded by similar-minded people. You’re all there because you’re huge fans of the games that are on offer and this can be a great talking point when it comes to getting to know people. Whereas there are professional blackjack and poker players who are playing only for the money, the majority of players aren’t like this. For the majority, it’s all about getting out, mixing with some great people and having fun
  • Amazing hosts – As we’ve said, land-based casinos have been around in Ireland for a long time. This means that they know how to treat their guests and how to keep them coming back for more. This means that you can expect to be treated with respect and in a friendly manner. Many land-based casinos also offer complimentary drinks and snacks to make your experience that much better

The downsides of land-based casinos

While land-based casinos in Ireland may have a lot going for them, that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. If a land-based casino could offer everything then there’s a good chance that online casinos wouldn’t have gained in popularity in quite the same way as they have. Let’s have a look at the things with land-based setups that aren’t quite so great:

  • You’ll need to travel – You may be lucky and find that you have a great land-based casino on your doorstep. However, it’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself having to travel some distance before you start to play. There are two issues with this. Firstly, you’re travelling time eats into your playing time so you miss out on a full evening of action. Secondly, there is also the expense of travelling which will probably come out of your bankroll for the night.
  • Fewer games – There is simply no way that land-based casinos can compete with the number of games that an online casino has to offer. Put simply, there just isn’t the space to host the thousands and thousands of titles that you’ll find online

The pros of online casinos 

Online casinos have become more and more popular in recent times. That’s because there are just so many great things to say about them. With so many sites for players in Ireland to choose from, here’s a look at why online casinos might be the better option:

  • Great bonuses – Yes, you may get reward points from land-based casinos, but online alternatives have so much more to offer. With free spins and matched deposits, just to name two, there’s plenty on offer
  • Play anywhere – With an online casino, you can play all of your favourite games from anywhere you please and at any time. Thanks to HTML5 technology you can now enjoy the majority of games on your smartphone
  • Massive range of games – With developers such as Evolution, NetEnt, Playtech, Yggdrasil and many more, you’ll find that there are literally thousands of games to choose from when you visit an online casino. A land-based one simply can’t compete
  • Play for free – Many online casinos in Ireland offer players the chance to try games for free. Of course, you cant win money with the free play option but it still allows you to enjoy the games that are on offer

The cons of online casinos 

To be fair, it’s hard to find too many downsides to online casinos. They have improved so much in recent years and they really do offer a fantastic experience. If being pushed for potential downsides, the only ones that come to mind are:

  • A lack of socialising – While land-based casinos offer the social experience, online casinos can’t quite match this. Yes, you can type during live dealer games and communicate with the dealer but that’s as far as things go. However, who knows what the future may hold: there’s a great chance that this will change
  • Slower payouts – In a land-based casino, if you win you get your hands on your winnings in an instant. This isn’t always the case with an online casino and you may find that you have to wait a few days. That being said, many have now turned to payment methods such as PayPal and other E-wallets. These often offer instant payouts and do away with what was once a huge frustration with online casinos