Famously known as the City of Joy, Kolkata is an emotion for many people. With its vibrant culture, history and heritage, this former British capital of India boasts a glorious past that echoes through the city’s exquisite art, magnificent architecture, and rhetorical literature. Furthermore, being India’s artistic and philosophical hub, you must visit this spirited city to glimpse its dazzling culture, artistic grandeur, and literary legacy.

While there are many famous sightseeing places in this City of Joy, you must visit some unexplored gems in and around the city to witness the real beauty and allure of Kolkata. So if you plan to visit this cultural capital of India, choose the road less taken and explore these best-kept secret places via booking a Kolkata car rental for the most comfortable sightseeing.

  • Bakreswar

Known for its stunning pastoral setting and revered temples, Bakreswar is a peaceful town with natural hot water springs with therapeutic values. Located roughly 150 km from Kolkata, the location holds enormous spiritual significance as the famous Mahishasuramardini temple is one of the 51 ”Shakti Peeth” spots spread across the country.

Moreover, Bakreswar is a must-visit hidden gem for people not so spiritually involved because of its breathtaking natural hot water springs. These hot springs offer a mild temperature of 90℉ to a steaming 200℉ at the Agni Kunda hot spring, situated near Bakreswar temple, where you can take a rejuvenating dip at these natural springs and get lost in the architectural marvel of the Bakreswar temple.

  • Jharkhali

A peaceful place nestled amidst the groves of Sundarban, Jharkhali serves as an excellent unexplored weekend getaway destination that houses the world’s largest mangrove woodlands. Trees like Sundari and Hetal take up the primary species of mangroves discovered in this area, where the mighty Ganga river streams into the Bay Of Bengal.

Also, you must know that the Sundarbans area is one of the planet’s rare and exceptional geographies. It is a place dominated by the ebb and rise of mystic waves and the roars of the magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers. Apart from Bengal Tigers, this place is also home to some of the most marvellous and endangered fauna and flora species.

So if you wish to take the lesser travelled path, this is a must-visit place. Here you can indulge in a boat ride and spot river snakes, crocodiles, red crabs, Kingfishers and tiger paw prints. Also, when exploring this place, you can spend a night in the beautiful houseboats to experience this charismatic Sundarbans forest at its best.

  • Barrackpore Cantonment

Barrackpore is one of the numerous spots that has played a significant part in shaping the path of the Indian freedom struggle. A treasured ancient site, the Barrackpore Cantonment is one of the most unexplored places near Kolkata.

The renowned freedom fighter Mangal Pandey lived here when he openly rebelled against the British Government in 1857, India’sIndia’s First War of Independence, known as the Sepoy Mutiny. Also, according to the ancient tales, it is where Mangal Pandey, with his fellow soldiers, revolted against the new Enfield rifle introduced in India by the British Government.

All in all, Kolkata is one such Indian city with plenty of scenic attractions, both famous and unexplored. And with the summer vacations starting soon, Kolkata can be your picture-perfect destination. So why wait? Book taxi service in Kolkata and get set to glimpse these uncelebrated places and peek inside the city’s soul.