Let’s face it, the school can be a nightmare. Especially for kids who often have no choice but to go to school or not. That’s why I wrote this post because kids hate going to school – so teachers, parents, and kids can find some common ground and hopefully make things a little easier. Such as back to school necklace.

As an parent you can also motivate your childrens if they are feeling low to go to school

Why Kids Hate School?

In school, we’re taught that there are only three reasons to do something: because it is right because it is wrong, or because we’ll be punished if we don’t. However, there is a fourth reason we don’t hear of as much — because. Why do you do things? For the same reasons, kids hate school.

Why Kids Aren’t Happy in School?

In the U.S., we spend more than $500 billion each year on education, yet only about half of all high school seniors graduate from college or university ready to compete in today’s workforce. And while there are many reasons for this national crisis — including poverty, lack of access to good schools, and teachers’ unions — one of the biggest factors is that many students kids hate going to school.

we are known because I was one of those kids. I spent years dreading classes and homework, struggling with learning disabilities, and facing constant criticism from teachers who insisted it was my fault they couldn’t reach me.

kids got out of high school by working hard and getting lucky, but many other kids aren’t so fortunate. They’re stuck in schools that don’t teach them what they need to know (or worse: teach them things that aren’t true), teachers who don’t care about their success, and administrators who don’t listen when kids complain about unfair treatment from their peers or teachers.

This isn’t just happening in America’s inner cities or at schools with low test scores; it’s happening everywhere, from affluent suburbs to small towns where everyone goes to church together on Sunday mornings and then backslides into petty rivalries during the rest of

Why School Is Not Cool?

Schools are not cool. This is especially true for kids who often have no choice but to go to school or not.

Schools are not cool because kids hate going to school. They’re boring because they’re about learning things that aren’t interesting, at least not for most people, and which can’t be made interesting by changing the way they’re taught. Even if you care about learning, there’s nothing interesting about memorizing dates, mastering complex grammatical rules, or learning how to solve quadratic equations.

Schools are not cool because most of what goes on in them are about obedience and conformity rather than creativity and self-expression. This is especially true for students who don’t want to conform and obey, but who learn over time that they’ll be punished if they don’t conform and obey anyway — sometimes severely punished with detention or suspension or expulsion.

Schools are not cool because they often make kids feel bad about themselves — especially kids who hate going to school who already feel bad about themselves because they’re poor or come from broken families or have trouble fitting in socially with the other kids at school (and these days there are many more such kids than there used to be). Schools do this by treating them as “problem students” and imposing extra rules on their behavior that


The majority of kids hate going to school because they are unhappy at school. That’s it in a nutshell. The reasons for this unhappiness are numerous, but one factor affecting their lives worldwide is the increasing weighting given to test results that are influencing government performance measures and league table positions. It should be the aim of all education policy leaders to design policies that will put an end to these practices. However, until that day comes many children will feel unsafe at school and always think about what is going to happen to them in their next lesson. As we enter 2014, hopefully, there will be some positive steps taken by educational policy decision-makers in this regard. Read more: https://dailynewsmall.com/