It might be challenging to remain rational while going through a formal separation. The procedure may put the couple under a lot of stress, both collectively and individually. It’s crucial to remember that there exist specific things to refrain from doing while going through a divorce as well as steps that must be followed. Here are some of the fascinating Do’s and Don’ts of a divorce as suggested by divore attorneys Kenosha


  • Learn about the joint financial situation.
  • In order to establish credit, get credit cards with your own name.
  • If you currently share a credit card with your spouse, close the account.
  • To have a separation agreement that is enforceable under the law, speak with a family law attorney.
  • Maintain records of all official and personal papers, including those pertaining to finances, debt, and income.


  • Do not begin a new connection because you and your husband are still technically married.
  • Don’t let your kids interact with the other parent.
  • Refrain sharing excessively on social media about your legal status.
  • Spending excessively on significant items

What is spousal support?

Alimony, also referred to as spousal maintenance/support, is the money that one partner pays the other after a divorce has been finalized. In order for both parties to maintain their quality of living following the divorce, spousal maintenance is a legal requirement.

What does a formal separation in Wisconsin mean?

A couple can keep their marriage and all of its financial benefits while living independent lives. Thanks to legal separation. The marriage is fully dissolved in an absolute divorce. Many employment health plans will stop covering the ex-spouse if a couple divorces.

When a couple separates, they frequently have the option of keeping the other spouse’s work benefits. (If you choose this, make sure to read the job benefit package’s tiny print. Some businesses reject benefits if there is a formal separation and a divorce.)

If the pair gets back together, the court can vacate the legal separation decree and cancel any custody, maintenance, and support orders that were previously in effect.

What is the maximum duration of a Wisconsin legal separation?

In Wisconsin, there is no limit to how long someone can continue to be considered separate. The parties cannot change the status of the separation to divorce after it has been filed for one year unless both of them agree to it. After that duration, neither party needs the consent of the other to convert the separation into a divorce.

However, you are never required to end up in a divorce. To preserve some of the advantages of being married, several couples even decide to stay apart for an extended period of time without actually divorcing.