There is a lot of assumptions from Colton and Kevin in Brier 2022. Allow us to check Colton Flasch’s Team subtleties and Kevin Marsh Curling.

Tim Hortons Brier in 2022 is booked to be held between fourth March 2022 till thirteenth March 2022. Tim Hortons Brier is held at ENMAX Center situated in Lethbridge at Alta.

The victor of Tim Hortons will address Canada in The World Men’s Curling Championship 2022, which is booked to be held between the second of April 2022 till tenth of April 2022 in Las Vegas. Allow us to check about Kevin Marsh Curling in Colton Flasch’s Team.

About Colton and Kevin:

Colton Flasch is a 31-year-old curling iron. He is in the Saskatchewan group. He is at the skirt level. Followed by the third – Catlin Schneider, second – Kevin Marsh, lead – Dan Marsh, and substitute as Pat Simmons.

Colton Flasch has a rich involvement with twisting of over twelve years. He had addressed his country in the 2019 World Men’s Curling Championship, addressed Alberta at Tim Hortons Brier 2019, and addressed Saskatchewan in Tim Hortons Brier 2015.

About the Brier and investment of Colton Flasch Team:

As the Tim Hortons Brier Championship proceeds, top three groups from each pool will partake in title round. Two pools are recorded underneath, including names of groups from each pool:


  • Colton Flasch Saskatchewan
  • Brendan Bottcher
  • Kevin Koe Alberta
  • Nathan Young Newfoundland and Labrador
  • James Grattan New Brunswick
  • Matt Dunstone Wild Card Two
  • Thomas Scoffin Yukon
  • Tyler Smith Prince Edward Island
  • Glenn Howard Ontario


  • Brad Jacobs Northern Ontario
  • Jamie Koe Northwest Territories
  • Brad Gushue Wild Card One
  • Mike McEwen Manitoba
  • Peter Mackey Nunavut. We will be familiar with the timetable of Kevin Marsh Curling matches beneath.
  • Michael Fournier Quebec
  • Paul Flemming Nova Scotia
  • Brent Pierce British Columbia
  • Jason Gunnlaugson Wild Card Thre

Six additional groups are playing in three matches each at the attract planned for option to Colton Flasch Saskatchewan. Following is the timetable explicitly for Colton Flasch Saskatchewan:

  • Draw 1: fourth March 2022 at 20:30 EST/18:30 MST between Alberta versus Saskatchewan.
  • Draw 5: sixth March 2022 at 15:30 EST/13:30 MST between Saskatchewan versus Sovereign Edward Island.
  • Draw 7: seventh March 2022, 10:30 EST/8:30 MST between Saskatchewan versus New Brunswick.
  • Draw 9: seventh March 2022, 20:30 EST/18:30 MST between Canada versus Saskatchewan, where Kevin Marsh Curling will play second.
  • Draw 11: eighth March 2022 at 15:30 EST/13:30 MST between Ontario versus Saskatchewan.
  • Draw 13: ninth March 2022 at 10:30 EST/8:30 MST between Saskatchewan versus Yukon.
  • Draw 15: ninth March 2022 at 20:30 EST/18:30 MST between Saskatchewan versus Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Draw 17: tenth March 2022 at 15:30 EST/13:30 MST between Wild Card Two versus Saskatchewan.


Colton Flasch passed on Laycock Rink to frame another group. Kevin Marsh, a gifted curling iron, was remembered for the group. At Tim Hortons Brier 2019, Colton Flasch’s Team entered the finals undefeated in all the matches and, with Kevin Marsh Curling, came out on top for their first Brier championship. Brier fans have a ton of assumptions from Kevin and Colton.

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