Keepskick Reviews on com (June 2022) Is the website Legit! The internet-based shoe retailer sells top quality replica tennis shoes and reproduction shoes for a reasonable price. However, how do we feel about this site? If you’re not having too much trouble, then read the information above and verify.

If you’re trying to locate some fashionable shoes, make sure to go to Keepskick com, which brings numerous well-known brands’ footwear at a cheaper cost.

Today, we’ll look at the brand new online shoe retailer which is aiming to gain United States customers’ consideration. However, as there is an abundance of fraudulent activity on the internet it is recommended to look over the website before closing any item.

The ‘Keepskick com Reviews’ can help you an abundance of attractive, unfiltered facts. Please read the rest of the articleand enjoy!

What exactly is Keepskick Com?

Keepskick com approaches individuals all around the world, and especially those from the most important countries, such as that of United States, with its large selection of replicas of the most prestigious brands. On its site the company has displayed copies of some of the most renowned brands in the world, including Nike, Adidas, Off White, Gucci, DR., Yeezy, Air Jordon, Prada, Chanel, Balenciaga, and considerably more. It also sells accessories for key holders and belts and packs and boxes.

Each shoe comes with a couple of images that were taken from different angles. Additionally there is a clear size chart to help customers in deciding on the right size. Is Keepskick com Legit? We will investigate it out in the other parts-

Incredibly, things require illustration and highlights, which means there’s no way to understand the material that is being assembled as well as the interaction between them, and so on.


  • The item Sells: It sells reproduction tennis shoes and shoes from various brands.
  • URL:
  • Address: It excludes the corporate office.
  • Information on Transport: The total transportation process can take about 14 days.
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Conveyance Charges: The cost of shipping are 20 USD.
  • Contact Number: +85265233809
  • Substitution Process It is possible, and likely to be possible to. It will take two days from the return.
  • Crossing Out Conditions: Available if the conditions are.
  • Return Process: Participants are required to return within one weeks or less.
  • Review: Keepskick com Reviews exist.
  • Discount Process: Refunds can be completed between 24-48 hours.
  • Payout System: PayPal, Transfer Wise, Zelle, Western Union.


It has a wide selection of the latest reproduction shoe collections.
The best tennis replicas are on sale at a very affordable price.
The overall conveyance service is readily available.
Some installment frameworks are available.
The Instagram account is huge.
Some recordings will be available on the driving virtual entertainment.


The Trust list is not appropriate.
The issue hasn’t reached the group of interest.
The name of the owner is not available.
The material is totally duplicated.
The area is excluded.
Refundable expenses for return are not refundable.
The information on the item isn’t 100% accurate.

Is Keepskick com Legit?

It seems like the perfect site for anyone who loves shoes however, regardless are the reproduction shoes worthy of burning cash? It is a clear description of it.

Older Brand: Keepskick com had been shut down 10 months earlier on the 1st July of 2020.
Replicated Image Photos: No, they are original.
Prominence: It seems to be disregarded.
Legality of Address: Because of the inconsistency of the subtleties of address it is impossible to verify the authenticity of an address. confirmed.
Advancement: It’s all it takes is one account: an Instagram account.
Trust Score: pathetic and showing 1% as it was.
Appropriate Content: The content is 100% replicated from various web-based entries.
Modalities for Payouts: Numerous options were made.

Information on Enrollment: Domain name is

Reviews mixed Keepskick reviews are available on.
Invalid Policy (If there is one) Owner information Address.
Broken Link Broken Link: This email address is not interactive.
Name of the person who worked for The name of the person is not given.
Due to the numerous unrivalled measures, they are essential to build trust with customers; it is possible to evaluate the site as being a questionable one.

The Opinion of Clients on Keepskick Com:

Being a retailer on the internet is expected to include an Audit section, however in this reason, it’s absent; consequently there are no comments read at Keepskick com. When we were looking through the comments on the internet we found some Youtube videos that talk about the website, its products and other items.

Instagram has a huge following. Instagram page has 10106 fans and an average of 86 posts. In the Keepskick com Reviews segment, people responded with a resounding yes, saying the variety of posts on the site. In contrast the fact that it’s on Trustpilot it hasn’t received one single appraisal or comment. Have you come across any tricks associated with PayPal? If not, it’s probably not too troublesome take a look at these tricks to find your PayPal trick.

Last Verdict:

Keepskick Com offers attractive collections of the best-known replica tennis shoes. Be however it is expected to be stated. The trust score is poor and its popularity is a bit low. With the current situation online marketplaces It has only 1K users.