The Kareo EHR software provides users with a comprehensive dashboard, calendar, patient portal, telemedicine capabilities, and more, all of which help to streamline day-to-day operations and free up more time for doctors to spend on individual patients. It helps health organizations improve their productivity, profits, and care quality. CharmHealth is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, MU Stage 3-2015 Edition Certified electronic health records (EHR) management solution developed to assist small and medium ambulatory care clinics in creating and managing patient documents from anywhere on the web. The platform has a document management tool that allows users to upload handouts, x-rays, consent forms, and other documents and group/tag them into folders in order to facilitate staff access.

Stay on board to get familiar with all the important features of the softwares as it shall help to choose between the two.

Kareo Software

Kareo Clinical is a cloud-based clinical and business management platform that was developed exclusively for independent medical practices to meet their unique needs. Over the course of more than a decade, numerous subspecialties have made use of Kareo. Users of Kareo Clinical have the ability to personalize calendar views, task lists, and agendas, which contributes to an increase in the practice’s overall level of collaboration and productivity. The technology provides facilities for encrypted communications that enable medical personnel, front office staff, billing teams, and patients to communicate with one another and exchange information in both directions.

Kareo EMR Key Features


Once a request has been made for a refill, information is sent out to pharmacies in an automated fashion. This feature enables doctors to save time, check for potential interactions between drugs or between drugs and allergies, and cut down on the number of phone calls linked to prescriptions.


Using the portal, clinicians may rapidly and securely exchange information with patients and communicate with other health professionals. They can also easily communicate with the invoicing department of their firm while keeping data security.

Operational Efficiency

Through charting, documentation, billing, and prescribing, you may cut down on the amount of labor that needs to be done and speed up office visits. These qualities not only enable better treatment but also result in an increase in everyday traffic.

Kareo EMR Cost

Although Kareao Clinical has not disclosed any fixed subscription models for its consumers, the vendor can be contacted by filling out a form; in this way, users can obtain a price plan that is fully adjustable to meet their specific requirements. No free trial is available.

Kareo EMR Demo

Demonstrating the software is the best course of action if you are still undecided about whether or not to purchase it. Kareo EMR demo will assist you to comprehend the vendor’s features and answer any questions you may have. In addition, the demonstration is free, so it will be more like a free visual trial.

Kareo EMR Reviews

The software features an intuitive user interface, especially for non-technical users. The layout is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. To optimize the potential of this programme, a variety of information collection approaches are utilized. For instance, success coach analyses are performed on a regular basis, and instructive video lectures are beneficial. Additionally, the customer care is excellent and quick to answer complaints.

CharmHealth Software

CharmHealth is a comprehensive electronic platform for health care providers. A variety of pricing levels and add-ons, including a free package, enable users to adapt the service to their own requirements. Its EHR, telehealth, and patient portal enable doctors to maintain patient contact and digitally save and retrieve data. Functionalities like medical billing and RCM enable health care practitioners to spend less time manually managing financial parts of the practice and more time connecting with patients.

CharmHealth Key Features

Practice Management

The most obvious aspect under this topic is the convenience of booking appointments. Allow patients to schedule their appointments online. Utilizing resource management, color-code appointment calendars and assign resources to specific days and times. In addition, the software supports document management, inventory management, credit card processing, patient check-in, and billing.

Customized Channels 

Develop specialized channels that are tailored to the particular requirements of a practice. It is possible to establish office channels in order to communicate information to all of the members of the team. It is possible to communicate with individual members of the medical team or patients through private channels.

Appointment and Document Management

Make it possible for patients to book appointments online. Color-code appointment calendars and assign resources to specific days and times via resource management. Digitize and maintain papers so that they are always accessible electronically. Organize your documents into folders and add tags to facilitate document retrieval.

CharmHealth EMR Cost

CharmHealth offers three pricing plans. The first one is a free plan followed by the Encounter plan which costs $0.5 per encounter each month which is almost $25 each month. The third plan is the Provider plan which starts from about $350 per month per user. Subscribers can choose the option that suits them the most after reviewing the features being offered in each version. 

CharmHealth EMR Demo

The software’s website gives a demonstration option. Users who are inexperienced with the program can schedule it and acquaint themselves with the tool’s features and specifications in order to determine if it is viable and convenient for them in light of its price and qualities.

CharmHealth EMR Reviews

Simple to begin with. The software has an extremely user-friendly UI. Simple learning curve. The organization takes client feedback into account and implements improvements accordingly. Comparatively very affordable. Compatible with labs, erx, and e-commerce solutions. Some billing design challenges involving the integrated billing clearinghouse, downloading ERAs, and real-time eligibility verification necessitate deviations from standard procedures.


Both softwares have their pros and cons. Users can simply choose the one with the features and benefits relevant to their everyday practice.