Find out more about how Johnyknoxville is exploiting the popularity of Johnny Knoxville and popularity as a recognizable, convincing media character.

Did you have any idea about the fact that Philip John Clapp is known as Johnny Knoxville in the United States? Knoxville is a multi-faceted person who excels in the execution of stunts and acting, filmmaking and is a master grappler. Knoxville gained fame for his role in the creation of the reality show “Stunts” for MTV.

Knoxville is featured in news regularly and has answered the majority of queries via the internet. It is important to know the way Johnyknoxville com is exploiting his fame.

Knoxville’s Website:
It is important to note that the proper URL for the genuine Knoxville site differs by one letter, and the URL of the fake site is The motive behind the creation of is not clear as there is no happy face on the website. It has three networks: MTV, Knoxville and Jackass. was registered on 2nd June 2022, for one year. It has a terrible 11% trust score, 42.8% business positioning as well as 41% location to shady websites and a zero Alexa location.

Johnny Knoxville Website is a highly shaky site since it uses the primary HTTP convention. Counterfeit website IP is legitimate and has an SSL statement for the next 90 days, but all software applications have no confidence in the validity of the statement. The website provides a variety of assistance via a single server within the USA. However the CoO is not well-known.

Each of the links redirects customers to supporters’ websites that offer various products and services. The method, terms as well as contact details for support along with the proprietor’s contact information, other information were not available on

Johnny Skateboard:
When Knoxville was on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Digital broadcast show the duo of Steve had carved two skateboards. The skateboards that were signed by the two became known for their resemblance to Johnny O Skateboard. They were offered for sale through Steve-O’s website within just a few minutes. The price of a skateboard listed on eBay was quoted up to $480plus. It was a fascinating idea for those who gather.

Knoxville’s individual existence. Knoxville:
Knoxville was born to the world on the 11th March 1971. He is 51 years old. He was welcomed into the world by Philip Clapp and her daughter Lemoyne. His father was a sales representative, and his mom taught in Sunday school. Knoxville had two older sisters.

The singer graduated with the class of 1989 at South Doyle High School and began his career as entertainer. We’ll look into Johnyknoxville the website below. Knoxville was married to Melanie Lynn Cates on fifteenth May 1995. The couple welcomed a baby girl. The couple later filed for separation by law in 2007. Knoxville got married to Naomi Nelson in 2010, and the couple has two children.

Knoxville was productive in his career in the field of media. He appeared in 52 films and 5 music recordings. He also appeared in 10 web series and 52 TV shows and his voice and movements were discovered when he created two computer games.

Johnny Knoxville is a famous media persona. His official site is registered with a distinct URL. In any event, scammers made use of this by altering the spelling of the website URL and subsequently redirected visitors to the fake website Johnyknoxville com, with an unfavorable Trust Score, Alexa and Business position.’s features proved that it’s not a good choice and poses security threats to information.

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