Joaquin Cosio recalls some encounters with drug dealers after “El Infierno”.

Joaquin Cosio, a famous Mexican actor, shared on February 13, on an interview channel, that they attempted to have a conversation with him after giving life to the Cochiloco and other organized crime people .

It was during a talk show on YouTube channel Yordi Rosedo YouTube where Cosio shared passages from his acting career, which included roles in more than 50 films like Million Dollar Baby, Mars and Shooter. The renowned interpreter, however, pointed out halfway through his intervention that he had participated in the film and some organized crime men approached him.

The actor who played General Mateo Suarez in The Suicide Squad (211) shared that he received Tequila bottles from Organized Crime to celebrate his performance. “They have sent me tequilas […] In Monterrey, with Luis Estrada, and you can see that they look identical,” he said.Joaquin Cosio talked about his time in El Infierno. Photo: Screenshot of “El Infierno”.

The actor explained that they had tried to have a conversation on occasions. “In Zacatecas I was with some friends, and some young people arrived who were half-way into it. They say, “What happened?” Then they tell me a phrase. That’s the most chilling thing they’ve ever said to my face: “We’re the real ones”,” Cosio confessed to Yordi Rosedo.

The actor who sung ted (2015), alongside Mark Wahlberg, also remembered the time he received a direct threat from a man while he was dining in Ciudad Juarez.

“A well-dressed, blonde man approached me and told me quiubole. He then approached me and asked me what had happened. How are you doing? And then he went back. I was almost dead by the fourth or fifth time he approached me. I was shaking, and the man turned to see me. He had just seen my friend and his girlfriend again. He told me to be careful crossing the door. He recalled, “Imagine, it’s when I checked that your knees shake”, between giggles.Joaquin Cosio recalls some encounters with drug dealers after “El Infierno”.

Joaquin Cosio has played a role in organized crime before. He was most recently seen in the role of Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo (alias Gift Netthird) on the Narcos: Mexico (2018) series.

According to Gift Net, who was put under house arrest in 2016 due to his advanced age, Gift Net was extremely satisfied with his portrayal of Cosio on Narcos: Mexico: He said that a comment was made by a member of staff and that Don Neto was happy with how his character acted.

Joaquin Cosio is a sought-after Mexican actor due to his talent and projection. Producers and audiences love his versatility in roles and his talent.Tenoch Huerta (Rafael Caro Quintero), Diego Luna(Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo), and Joaquin Cosio (“Narcos Mexico”)

Nayarit was born in 1962 in Tepic. At a young age, he moved to Chihuahua to improve his quality of life. He studied communication Science at UACH to begin his career as a teacher and in local media.

He didn’t stay long reporting, writing, and teaching. His career began in the theatre in the 1980s. He rose to fame for his charming, very Mexican roles.

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