There has been a growth in the number of Italian restaurants and cafes in New Delhi. Interestingly, this cuisine isn’t just reserved for fancy fine-dining restaurants anymore. India’s acceptance and love for Italian food are evident in every nook and corner of the country. 

Café Pluck Pullman presents Indian Cuisine with a multicultural menu

In addition to the specialities and uniqueness of each cuisine, we cannot deny that there are bound to be some similarities, especially when it comes to Italian and Indian cuisines. Apart from our immense love for traditional food and dishes that are a nutritious combination of staples, vegetables and herbs essential for a balanced diet, one of the significant resemblances is the versatility of the dishes. Both cuisines have delicious, filling and healthy meals for all occasions. As a result, chefs and restaurants are experimenting with multicultural cuisine. 

Similarly to India, Italian cuisine has a variety of regional specialities, with a preference for specific foods varying as one travels from the North to the South. Another similarity between Indian and Italian cuisines is ‘ingredient-focused’ cooking. Italians, for instance, use simple cooking techniques to highlight fresh, seasonal flavours, while most traditional Indian curries only use one or two main vegetables.

Various kinds of food are served in Cafe Pluck Hotel

As stated above, the country’s cuisines vary widely based on geography. For example, most dishes in the North consist of polenta and rice, with butter as the main ingredient. Southern coastal towns serve fresh seafood and ditch butter for olive oil. Even further, small towns are known for their specific dishes. In Campi, you will only find braised goat, whereas salted gray mullet roe is a speciality in Sardinia.

India is also known for strong regional differences. North Indian cuisine is influenced by its Muslim neighbors, with Roti and Naan prepared in hot clay ovens and paired with rich gravies and nut purees. South Indian cuisine, however, is known for its spicier heat level, the use of fresh seafood, and the use of more local ingredients is common here. 

With the increase in the popularity of multi-cuisine restaurants in the country, Cafe Pluck located at GMR Aerocity has also made a name for itself as one of the finest restaurants that serve an array of Indian, Italian, and European dishes. A star attraction at Pullman Hotel, this is a casual, contemporary and stylish restaurant that is open 24×7 offering soups, salads, pasta, biryani, burgers, desserts, and more. So whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast, a delicious lunch, or a classy all-day dining Aerocity restaurant, you will find everything you are looking for in this all-day eatery.