Whenever mobile phones of leading brands face any repairs, they cost more considering the price of original components in case of replacement needed or even the labour cost. These are unwanted and unexpected incidents requiring expenses for mobile users, which keeps them from productive usage of their devices. So, there is a specific need to opt to buy a mobile insurance plan that can help cover emergency expenses. 

Mobile insurance policies are highly beneficial for mobile repairs or parts replacements. Samsung mobile insurance or iPhone insurance products are among the most searched insurance products online these days. There is a specific reason behind the surge in search requests. Recent products launched by these brands offer a variety of new features. New features and advancements in technology cost more. With an increment in the price of mobile phone models, repair cost associated with them also increases. 

The average life span of any mobile is generally expected and noticed to be 2-3 years, considering technology evolution, the requirement of new features, upcoming designs and regulations etc. 

For a customer, the average lifespan of any gadget refers to how long a device performs its function without any repair requirement. How long a device would keep functioning despite facing potential hazards. These hazards may include devices falling on the ground, getting spilt over by water, overcharging, overused or even charging with cables and adaptors, which are of different brands than the recommended ones. 

All these hazards impact the life of a device and its performance. 

How can these abnormalities be adequately managed? The answer is two folds. Either you be extra cautious of not letting any of such incidents happen with your device and keep worrying about them all the time or enrol for reliable mobile device insurance. 

Apple iPhone insurance, Samsung mobile insurance, or other models like Realme mobile insurance are readily available with Bajaj Finserv with competitive and easy-to-opt plans. 

Bajaj Finserv Mobile Phone Damage Protection & Mobile Screen Protection Plan is one plan that offers the benefits of insurance for both kinds of risks. 

Alongside benefits of these plans are F-secure Mobile Security, a one-year free subscription to Zee5 and Gaana Plus Subscription. 

You can check out the details online. Following are two major categories of this type of insurance:

CPP Mobile Device Protection Plan (with complementary mobile device insurance)

  • Covers cost of the device (up to 100% of base invoice value*)
  • Smartphones, laptops and tablets subscription could be availed

CPP Fonesafe Lite (with complementary Mobile Screen Protection insurance)

  • Mobile Protect should be purchased within 15 days of the purchase of the device
  • CPP Fonesafe Lite should be purchased within 45 days of the purchase of the device

High worth mobile phones like Apple iPhones, Samsung Mobiles and a few of the top-ranking mobile brands offer a variety of features, but they do impose a risk of heavy expenses when they require any repairs. When such incidents happen, they take out a significant chunk of your funds savings leading to financial stress and deep distress of owning expensive gadgets. Owning suitable quality devices has become a necessity for many businesses or even personal usage, considering the plethora of possibilities these devices offer. Opting for insurance on your devices to avoid stress and manage any unfortunate events like these is a wise thing to do. 

Enrolling on Bajaj Finserv Mobile Phone Damage Protection & Mobile Screen Protection Plan provides you more than the basic benefits as follows –

F-Secure Device Security

With CPP Mobile Protect and CPP Fonesafe Lite, one can use various security features by installing the F-Secure SAFE mobile app. Following is a list of benefits this offers to you –

– Anti-virus and anti-malware protection

– Remote lock and remote data wipe

– Fraudulent website protection

– SIM card lock

– Remotely locate the phone using GPS

– Scream alarm

– Auto scans of downloaded apps

– SIM card change

– SIM blocking and IMEI registration

Zee5 all-access annual subscription

Once enroll, you get a free annual subscription to Zee5 and all of the content available on it. Keep your entertainment uninterrupt with this subscription as an add benefit to the insurance plans.

 Benefits involve –

– Subscription worth Rs. 999 free for one complete year

– Supports 12 Indian languages

– 90+ live TV channels, 80+ originals, 25+ blockbuster digital premiers, TV shows, 3000+ movies etc. 

– 1 lakh+ hour of content 

– 5 screens same-time showcase

Ganaa Plus Subscription

– Ad-free music experience

– Songs download

– 30 million songs

– Offline playback

– Regional languages

When you opt for a mobile insurance plan, you are at your ease to use your mobile device comfortably without any financial stress specific to probable damage to your device. With an insured amount always at your disposal, your worries fade away, and you can experience the freedom that lets you do more.