Are you looking to become the first owner of an ebike or are you looking for the latest ebikes or Ebikes? Do you know about Syaztj? This article will provide additional information about Syaztj shop. Syaztj Shop in United States provides the latest e-bikes and electric bikes. However, prior to shopping ensure that you check whether scam.

This article is sure to contain all the information our readers require.

Does this site represent a phishing website?

Syatzj You probably are aware is an online store. If you’re not able to visit the store, you are able to browse through it through its website. You can also request home delivery. It’s not an issue. The shop offers e-bikes as well as electric bicycles. If you decide to purchase any product from this store, you must make sure that the shop is not fraudulent. Does the shop has a good track record in working with customers? Review provide all the details that will help our readers decide whether it’s a wise choice to purchase the item from this site or not. We are aware that there are lots of fraud online. Syaztj sells a variety of e-bikes and electric bicycles. It is crucial to verify the safety of the site before you purchase.

Read the following details The store or the website is not a rip-off.

  • Registration date: The website’s registration date is 30th May 2022.
  • Registrar : NameCheap, Inc.
  • Is Scam? This website doesn’t provide any user reviews. It doesn’t give user ratings.
  • Information Found: Syaztj shop email ID and address are both found. However, Syaztj’s telephone number is not located.
  • Trust Score: Syaztj’s Trust Score: Syaztj website has a poor Trust Score. The site is not reliable as it only has one percent.
  • Social Media Sites: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites don’t have accounts.
  • Safety: is 100% secure due to the protocol HTTPS.

A brief description Does Syaztj Com Scam ?

Shop on the internet or in person at the syaztj shop. The store is stocked with the latest e-bikes and e-bikes. The electronic bikes, also known as cycles are trendy. Syaztj offers customers huge discounts on specific items. There are many items available at the store, including:

  • mountain e-bike
  • Mountain e cycles
  • Bicycles and bicycles with rapid charging capabilities
  • E-bikes with customizable options

The features that are part of shop

  • Mountain e-bikes are available at
  • Address: Linden Ave in West 801
  • Email
  • Return Policy: In the first 2 weeks of the date you received the item from the purchaser the item is returned.
  • Is Syaztj com Scam? No reviews have been found on the official site or on the website that is Syaztj com. There are no ratings available on the internet.
  • Contact number Contact number: No contact number has been discovered in the official site.
  • Shipping Policy Delivery Policy: Orders will be shipped within two days of the date you place the order.
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Visa, Master card, etc.

Positive Highlights

  • We found our way to the Syaztj website’s address as well as its email address.
  • HTTPS protects data away from State site.

Negative Highlights

  • We don’t have any numbers for contact.
  • This website has no reviews.
  • Syaztj’s ownership information isn’t accessible.

Syaztj com Reviews

The Syaztj addresses and emails address were discovered. We’re missing details about Syaztj as well as the contact telephone number of Syaztj. We couldn’t find any reviews or reviews on the Syaztj’s official site.

Although the Syaztj website does not appear to be very reliable however, customers can still buy anything through this shop. Syaztj store at the risk of their own. Find more details about scams involving credit cards in Syaztj’s website. Syaztj website.


All information on Is Syaztj a scam Syaztj is available to our readers. This website is not recommended since it has a trust score of just 1 percent, is very low. Also, it appears to have a an extremely low rate of expectancy because it was just registered just a couple of days back. Find all the details regarding Paypal scams here. To buy e-bikes for purchase, follow this website